18 thoughts on “Ananth in Spore”

  1. Oh good, I read today’s comic before looking at this and I thought it’d be a… yeah.

  2. i have been waiting for the game since they first showed it on E3 a few years back. i cant wait!!!!!

  3. Once the full game comes out, You should do a Best Ananth Spore Civ wins ;p
    Prize is the person in the background of a comic ;p

  4. Oh ho ho! mr. Bruckley predicts people will use Spore to create penis monsters! Who would ever have thought of that? Especially years ‘after’ everyone else on the entire Internet thought of it, and after the creature creator’s been released and he’s done the research and found that there’s actually hardly a penis monster in sight on Sporepedia.

    Sorry, nothing against your post, just complaining about CAD. :)

  5. if there was hardly a penis monster in sight..then why did EA have to release a press release apologizing for them, and detailing it’s initiative to form a team to comb through the sporepedia and remove all the x-rated creatures?

    let’s be nice to the worlds comic artists, we need them to draw us pretty pictures and fun stories. I know we’d all be upset if someone was over on the penny arcade forums complaining about applegeeks.

  6. “And then of course, there are the four-year olds who get a hold of the game. That’s nothing we haven’t been expecting since Spore was first announced years ago. What has surprised me, however, is that the practice is so pervasive that it has attracted its very own moniker.”

    Yeah, you MIGHT just want to read what a comic artist has to say about his comic before you ridicule him about it.

    Oh, and what Red Mage said.

  7. lol @ Ananth monster…

    I also predict an uproar… how long before someone creates a similiar creature to some sciFi series.. and calls it the same name…

    Im sure I’ve seen legal matters like this arise before..

    But well done to the Spore team anyways, just hope stupid people dont do legal crap.

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