19 thoughts on “New Ink Piece”

  1. Very cool! I like it a lot. I seen that you used Copics for the shadows (I looked like), how did you get the white? Is that a Copic to?

  2. I love using india ink. Though I used it in a compleatly different application :) Doing detail work on an autobody paint job. It’s *the* best thing to use to get a dark black that doesn’t fade. (You still have to clearcoat over the top of course)

  3. you are amazing!
    what were you using to do the shading?
    i have this grey marker that i use but it never turns out right…

  4. *sigh* and alas, the envy from us all has begun…cant wait to see you guys at a-kon! saw it on their news letter!

  5. You got some skills fo’ sho’. Never cease to impress… and it’s cool to see you working with traditional media!

  6. I watched the video. Lighting is poor. But, how the heck could you draw/ink that with your hands shadow crossing the page? That drives me nuts when I am drawing stuff.

  7. That’s a really great drawing Hawk. Keep up the good work. However, I am curious if the drawing is of someone you know or just inspiration? She seems familiar…

  8. That’s a gorgeous portrait and ink work. I’ve got nothin but total luv for it and the reflection in her eyes gives it a real sense of life. Awesome! \(^o^)/

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