21 thoughts on “iPhone SDK”

  1. boobs? do the walking terrors need boobs? unless its targeted at the males where it can completely stun them into oblivion. boobs would be nice though. boobs. boobs… damnit! i want boobs now! ah crap, wait, no, i dont want boobs. maybe… yes? boobs are kinda nice, in a weirdly bad way. ill jsut top talking now.

  2. Boobs should be easy enough to add on. Just have the screens show pr0n while they smash everyone to itty bitty pieces. Although at that point it makes more sense to show dicks since you’re screwing everyone over lo.

  3. Hawk requires boobs in order to survive. Its kinda like air… or crack… only warmer and squishier.

  4. Man I’m excited…

    The first thing I’m doing is going to try and port Einstein Newton emulator to the iPhone… There are a couple of official styluses for the phone, with cases to match, and this way both my main devices of the day can be made into one…

    Of course I am sure such an act will cause me to receive a voodoo curse from Jobs himself… *muttering*DamniVoodoo*muttering*

  5. Really? I had the impression that he’s enjoying it, somehow. (Maybe he’s the one controlling them?)

  6. I found it hilarious. Reminded me of a Simpson episode were the iPods (same Destruction type) said “We just like whippin'”.

    P.S: Hawk’s version of the AG Lite dialoge is witty. :P

  7. I have an old mac just don’t got cash for a new one im using powerpc mini sucks to be me at the moment

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