13 thoughts on “Bourne Parody”

  1. The sad thing, is that if they actually made that movie it would be 10 times better than the real one.

  2. OMG!!!!…dude get out of my head… Me and a few friends were messing around like two weeks ago talking about “Waldo” XD to funny i was laughing so hard i couldnt breath…I would totally watch that movie…

  3. Hey it’s a video I produced… on… Applegeeks… (head explodes). Happy to have helped your morning Hawk, heaven knows AG’s helped some of mine!

  4. You made that? It’s really hysterical, and definitely one of the best quality spoofs I’ve seen! Great job – brings back memories of my youth spent searching for Waldo… and the classic “agents” in there are a very nice touch. Thanks for the best minute of this long, tiring, tedious homework-filled day.

  5. omg i miss wheres waldo. that was the best game ever!! well best book…..gotta search ebay now.

  6. Sure did. Thanks for the kind words weatherguy. It’s nice to see folks enjoying it as it was a particular pain in the butt to make this one, and when we released it (over four months ago) very few people found it funny.

    Hate it when that happens.

    Glad to see fellow AG fans have better taste.

  7. Actually, its more like: “Someone who made such a good video..commenting on Applegeeks?”. If that was four months ago, I’m really surprised it havent gotten more attention. Its brilliant!

    I know I’ve linked it to everyone I know by now atleast :D

  8. That video made my morning and turned my attention from the killer weather outside!

    Been a while since i heard about Waldo too. (He’s that good).

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