IRC on iPhone/Touch

Jan 12, 2008

Using Colloquy on my Mac Pro, I was able to get on IRC and chat in the AG channel using my iPod Touch.

You don’t have to jailbreak your iPhone/Touch to make this work. All you need is the latest Colloquy and the plugin for it. You can connect to the AG IRC channel at and /join #applegeeks. 

16 thoughts on “IRC on iPhone/Touch”

  1. i know this is REALLY off topic, but i just saw the comic and i just had to say something bout it. oh btw, mIRC on your ipod touch is absolutely one of the best things that u can do on your phone (with the exception of AIM and the NES emulator for the ipod touch).

    so anyways, i saw your comic and i just realized how weird the boobs are!it reminds me of peanuts, which leads to another thing that i cant really say. its like their wearing peanuts in a bag under their shirt. HAHAHA. -__-“

  2. Sounds good, but I live in the Netherlands and heard that adapting the software on your Ipod Touch forfeits warranty. Any facts on the matter?

  3. you’re not adding any software to the iPod Touch/iPhone. The irc client and plugin works on the computer. You enter your computer ip and port number to the iPod Touch Safari browser to view the IRC channel.

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