Quick Look plug-ins

Leopard’s Quick Look allows you to view the contents of a file (html, text, etc) without even opening it. You can also watch a full-screen video with just a single click (spacebar). However, if you do a Quick Look on a folder, it will not show you the folder’s contents. So a developer, Taiyo, created a plug-in for Quick Look that allows you to view the folder. There is also a plug-in to view zip files.

Awesome work Taiyo.

6 thoughts on “Quick Look plug-ins”

  1. Wow, thanks for that find Hawk. I was just thinking to myself last night how useful something like this could be!

    And now it’s led me to all sorts of other QuickLook plugins! Sweet!

  2. i thought it already did that in 10.4? or was that just for pdf? or am i just thinking of vista? i don’t mean that as in oh vista does that, i’m really just confused… they’re all too bubbly and mixupable

  3. [quote]Comment by grog: you can hit the spacebar when an element is selected for a even quicker look ;)[/quote]

    That IS quicklook dufus!

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