Some of you noticed Cowgirl Jess on the back of the bus in the latest AG comic =)

I’ll be posting the color version of the comic later.

Here is a sneak peek of Cowgirl Jess….

The comic will be black and white, not color. It’s written by Jessica Watson and drawn by moi.

24 thoughts on “Howdy”

  1. ummmm looks nice hawk but could u make a link to a bit of a bigger one, i cant read any of the text LOL. but yea nice art work as always u rock

  2. The first panels look a little like the first ones in “the gunslinger born” from marvel. But I think you’re creating something better :P

  3. Little bit of trivia.. the music from the Good the bad and the ugly, which is where the famous “waaaa wa wa, wa aaa” trumpet thingy comes from, was actually written and composed by Clint Eastwood himself. What a badass.

  4. Very cool, talented as always hawk. Also I thought I might share this with you. You’ll either find it cute or it’ll make you drop to the ground and spaz.

  5. Im liking this, looks like its gonna have a dark story line. mind you a western with out some deep darkness doesn’t seem right

  6. Very awesome Hawk, love how you slipped it into the comic like that too…

    and for the people having trouble reading it, if your using windows, go to: start,programs,accessories,accessibility, magnifier…

  7. Looks great Hawk and Jessica, I hope your thinking of publishing this. I can see it on my bookshelf now, sitting right next to my Applegeeks books (hint-hint Hawk). Nice nod to this comic in your AG 410 =] I love subtle crossovers. Keep up the quality.

  8. I’m pretty sure all the music in that movie was composed by Ennio Morricone. Maybe Clint Eastwood held a gun to his head and told him what to write?

    “You see, in this world there’s two kinds of people, my friend: Those with loaded guns and those who compose. You compose.”

  9. Yeah, Hawk. Looks great. But as to BluEyed Wolf….
    Don’t you ever say an unkind word about Dark Tower. It is great and deserves your awe. Roland could take you.

  10. To London Jack

    I didn’t say any bad word or meant to about the Dark Tower. I got all of the seven books. I liked the story and all what I’ve said was that hawk and jessica could create something better than “gunslinger born” which was also great.

  11. OMFG! We’re in the Apple Store!!
    It’s Fae’s first time here!!
    *Fae faints of excitement*

  12. Hrmmm… I seem to have seen a bit of this somehwere before. Lub it so far. What is it gonna take ta see moar? Prespiring minds want to know…


    /And Howdy to you too. =)

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