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  1. Yay! I also use Quicksilver, and I love it so. ^_^ I love the tidy feeling that my dock has when it’s got nothing on it at startup. :) Of course, then with a bunch of things autorunning at login, it doesn’t stay that way for long.. hehe.

  2. How about Avant Window Navigator? =P Mine’s got launchers for gnome-terminal, firefox 3b1, gedit, scite, and a calculator, and stacks for /var/www/ and my home folder, as well as a trash can.

  3. I have my 5-6 most used applications (opera, firefox, terminal, adium, itunes) in the dock at startup because if I do want to click on my dock for the application, I like it in a stable spot instead of searching around for it…even if I do launch everything some quicksilver too.

  4. My dock has virtually every application I’ve ever used on it. I’m too lazy to waddle through my Applications folder. I have to clean the dock though – My monitor died, so now I’m stuck with stupid 1024×768 resolution, which is like going from a mansion to a broom closet.

  5. I like to keep frequently used applications in my dock so that they are always in the same order. I keep magnification turned off, so I can point to an app icon pretty accurately since it doesn’t move around.

    I have a powerbook, so switching from keyboard to mouse doesn’t disrupt me much. On a desktop I use QS much more.

  6. Finder, Firefox, Adium, iTunes and that’s it :P
    I use Spotlight on Leopard to launch applications. Replaced QuickSilver big time for me :)

  7. My Dock is set up like yours (no applications) but I use it to store website links that I want to check back on in a day or two, article I didn’t have time to finish reading and what not.

  8. Have you tried putting the dock on the side of the screen? Since most apps are limited by vertical space more than horizontal space, especially with a wide-screen display, I find the dock to be much more functional when it’s over on the left of the screen.

    And I agree with Arminas: for most-used applications, it’s nice to have them in the same place every time, rather than depending on the order they were launched since startup. And while I use Quicksilver (or command-tab) for most app switching, if my hand’s already on the mouse, the dock can be handy.

  9. Currently on my Dock:

    Dashboard (Really nice feature! Wish someone would create an emulator for 10.2 and below.)
    AppleWorks 6
    Notepad (neXtSoft donationware)
    Adobe PageMaker 6.5
    Adobe Photoshop 6.0
    Epson PrintCD
    Finale PrintMusic 2007
    PrintMusic! 2002
    QuickTime Player
    Safari (I used to use Netscape 7.2, but it was getting too buggy and I couldn’t get anymore support.)
    System Preferences
    Microsoft Word (Legacy Office ’98 version. I still use it to print envelopes.)

    Needless to say, I keep it in hidden mode…

  10. The basics: iTunes, Firefox, and Adium. Then CS3 suite and a few stragglers, such as word and safari.

    Quicksilver is the best. Three taps and I have all the programs I need up, in seconds.

  11. I used to use Quicksilver until someone pointed out to me that Spotlight does the job fairly well, and after about a week without it I’m used to Spotlight launching the apps.

    As far as my dock goes, I have two of them. This one has Firefox, Photoshop CS3, Flash CS3, AdiumX (CS3 Icons), Safari, ImageWell, & XAMPP Control Panel.

  12. oh. haha, yeah thats the way mine is set up too. I was hoping there was some way to have it in the background, but keep the dock clean.

  13. System Prefs, Quicksilver, iTunes, Adium, Safari, Photoshop, Ventrilo, LineIn (I run my 360 through my monitor and the sound through my MBP).

    Like someone said above — it’s nice knowing exactly where on the Dock my apps will be, without worrying about what order they were opened in.

  14. mine actually has one icon less. finder and trashbin.

    the only reason i use the dock is to empty the trash. there’s got to be a way to do that without the dock, but i haven’t found it yet. otherwise i’d have disabled the dock ages ago.

    spotlight doesn’t cut it for me as a quicksilver replacement, as i use it for so much more than just launching apps.

  15. You can use quicksilver to empty the trash if you set it up to do so. Search for “quicksilver triggers” to learn more. I have option-space bound to “Current Application (Show Menu Items)”, so if I’m in finder, I can access “Secure Empty Trash” via quicksilver.

  16. Yeah, I just discovered Quicksilver recently and I love it. I still have about 15 icons in my dock, but mostly of running apps and things I use a lot, plus a few stacks.

    With 4GB of RAM, though, I don’t exactly have to pick and choose what I leave running. :D

  17. I too use Quicksilver. Definitely one of the best programs ever.

    Dock: (Finder), Quicksilver (launches at login), Mail, Safari, iChat, iTunes, System Preferences, (separator), home folder, first internal HD, second internal HD, JDK 5.0 Source code, /Library/WebServer/Documents, (Trash)

    Mail, Safari, iChat, and iTunes are in the Dock to keep them in the same places; I launch them either with F5-F8 (Quicksilver triggers), or just by using Quicksilver’s normal method. They can also be quit with cmd-(F5-F8) via Quicksilver triggers and AppleScript.

    /Library/WebServer/Documents is primarily for sending files to people. Things always seem to crap up on the other end of file transfers through iChat, so I configured Apache to suit my needs and got a DynDNS. Makes it easy to just drop files in the folder without having the window on the screen.

    Best thing about Quicksilver is that my friends from the Windows world have never seen anything like it, so they relate it to micro from Pure Pwnage.

  18. This is my dock, left to right.

    Finder, Azureus, Mail, Adium, Address Book, VLC player, Firefox, iTunes, Colloquy, Photoshop CS3, Calender, Photobooth, World of Warcraft, iMovie, and last but not least, Spaces.

  19. a lot of stuff… not a lot stuff running at start, but a lot stuff on the dock: finder, dash, ps cs3, lightroom, indesign, dreamweaver, mail. safari, adium, ichat, skype, itunes, address book, google earth, qt, vlc, ical, sys pref, disco, term, azureus + small script for killing dash (when i need some ram)…

  20. Ready for this list? It goes wall-to-wall on my 24″ iMac.

    Time Machine
    Address Book
    Photoshop CS3
    Illustrator CS3
    InDesign CS3
    Bridge CS3
    Dreamweaver CS3
    Flash CS3
    Flash Video Converter CS3
    ImageReady CS2 (can’t get away from it)
    Flash MX 2004
    Flash Player
    Fireworks 8
    Contribute CS3
    Acrobat Pro
    After Effects 7
    Final Cut Pro
    Soundtrack Pro
    DVD Studio Pro
    MPEG Streamclip
    Delicious Library
    FileMaker Pro Advance
    Excel (shudder)
    Word (blah.)
    Forms To Go
    World of Warcraft
    Maya ’08

    The worst part is, I’m OCD enough to launch any of them without having to dig through, I can remember where they are.

  21. I have too much there, but I hate getting rid of it, even though I use Quicksilver. I’ve got: Firefox, Shiira, iWeb, Adium, Address Book, iCal, Delicious Library, Pages, Keynote, NeoOffice, iWeb, Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Color, LiveType, Motion, DVD Studio Pro, Compressor, QuickTime Player, MPEG Streamclip, iTunes, GarageBand, Photo Booth, and World of Warcraft.

    Several of those are there just because it’s easier to drag a file down to the dock and open something up with it, in my opinion.

  22. Hmm… well i’ve got the top 5 folders i’m working in, then Firefox, Thunderbird, Photoshop, Flash, DreamWeaver, Inkscape, Notepad++ and Pidgin.

    btw i’m using RocketDock on Windumb XP…

  23. Just the basics.

    World of Warcraft

    I used to have more, but I’ve cleaned it up bit since. I launch everything from Spotlight out of habit.

  24. Finder
    VMWare Fusion (Far too many VM’s…)

    Anything else I launch from spotlight. I also turned off the reflective/shiny dock in Leopard, it was really getting on my nerves.

  25. I take advantage of the Stacks feature in OSX Leopard and store shortcuts in each folder. All of my Office products are in a folder, as are Games, System Utilities, etc. That’s one feature of Leopard that definitely sold me.

  26. My dock also has the most used apps (Safari, Adium, Mail, Blender, VLC, iTunes and System Preferences), firstly because it’s nice to have them in the same spot all the time, and secondly because I like my Icons and consider them part of my desktop-‘composition’.
    I use the WRMZ set with a few “custom” icons, ie rearranging letters to make missing ones.
    Also, as soon as I launch Safari, SafariStand kicks in and reopens my 5-6 windows with about 30 tabs total, so that fills up the dock space pretty quickly.

  27. WOOT to all the Mac users! I love the Mac’s. I just can afford them. :( I have to settle for my home built running Ubuntu.

  28. My Dock? Well, I have:

    Finder (of course)
    FireFox (for when Safari won’t work on a site)
    Address Book
    MS Word
    MS Excel (an unfortunate necessity)
    Keynote ’08 (no more PPT! Hurray!)
    Pages ’08 (still switching from Word)
    FInal Cut Express
    Comic Life
    iTunes (which is always open)
    Toast 7
    Photoshop Elements 3 (I have 4, but I don’t have the installer – I wiped my HDD to install Leopard)
    Schoolhouse (a homework tracker)
    Text Edit (much more useful than a full blown word processor in many cases!)
    Text Wrangler (for Web coding)
    Cyberduck (ditto)
    TuneConnect (for playing iTunes on my G4, over WiFi, with fantastic speakers attached)
    Activity Monitor
    (the “road stripes divider”)
    Homework Folder

    Wow, I ought to try QUicksilver…. Most of these apps I use on a very regular basis – although there are several I could jettison, particularly after School lets out for winter break.

    It’s wall-to-wall on my old Powerbook, and I have Leopard’s “shelf-dock” appearance disabled, as it tends to slow down the Powerbook. It looks the same as if you had the dock on the side of the screen.

    Needless to say, with a tiny Powerbook screen, I’m lovin’ Spaces! :D

  29. Finder, Dashboard, Firefox, Thunderbird, Garageband, Photobooth, Adium, Twitteriffic, Photoshop CS3, Dreamweaver CS3, Illustrator CS3, FileZilla, Qumana, Slingbox, and then Trash lol. Just got my macbook back after it died on me, apple took good care of me ^_^

  30. Finder, Dashboard, Stickies, iChat, Safari, Mail, iTunes, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flickr uploader, CyberDuck, and ComicBookLover. I have custom icons for everything too, but I know where it all is without having to look.

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