Robert V. Aldrich

Robert V. Aldrich is an accomplished novelist, panelist, and martial artist. If everyone (especially convention organisers) would give me a moment of their time, I’d like to tell you about him.

Some of you know of Rob, and the rest of you have the pleasure of being introduced to him in this post. Rob is the author of Crossworld saga (Crossworld, Outcasts, and Queendom), Ghee, and a running collection of serials that all post at If you like anime or video games, you should check out his novels; to date, these are the only books I’ve ever seen with bibliographies dedicated to citing video games, anime, and comicbooks. That is pretty fucking cool. According to, “Robert Aldrich continually keeps … a fast and enjoyable pace without sacrificing genius storytelling … Just wait until you witness the awesome hardcore action sequences.”

Rob is also a hell of a panelist. At any given moment, he is ready to give a panel on,

History of Chibis
Ins and Outs of Mecha
Music in Anime
Gothic Lolita
History of Anime
History of US Anime
Anime Literature
Defining Anime: Beyond the Pictures
Comics vs. Manga
Dub vs. Sub
Intro to Anime
History of Video Games
Video Games as a Story-Telling Medium
Top Ten Developments in Video Game History
Development of Martial Arts in 2D and 3D Fighters
State of Gaming Today
Introduction to Gaming
Generic Writing Panel
Character Creation
World Creation
Writing Anime
New Wave Publishing
Action Writing
History of Webcomics
Specific Fandoms – can be tailored to each event: examples include State of the Stargate Franchise and Top Ten Transformers Episodes
Cultural Nuances
Games/Entertainment Panels

If there are specific subjects you want panels done on, Rob does excellent research and presentation. He is also obviously prepared to do a wide range of panels on his own work, novels, serials and otherwise. I’ve seen him before and after panels, and he’s one of the few people who shows up with notes and accompanying materials – as an example, when he did the Top Ten Transformers Episodes panel, he had a huge collection of clips from each episode. And finally, he rehearses beforehand – something which helps keep his panels focused and interesting. He’d be an asset to any convention.

Robert V. Aldrich can be contacted at! He has a panel resume that includes write-ups of all the panels listed above. Have a good Monday everyone. :D

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  1. I’m torn between “that’s so cool” and “that’s so nerdy.”

    Although now that I think about it, it can be both.

  2. Blast, my library doesn’t carry any of his work. I’ll have to abuse my position’s book ordering powers. Buahahaaha! Ha!

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