New Photoshop Logo

Photoshop is getting a new logo? Personally I don’t like it. The logo reminds me of something…. wait I know…

Maybe Adobe is trying to tell us something. Maybe E.T came to earth and gave us Photoshop.

63 thoughts on “New Photoshop Logo”

  1. Your version got me to thinking… what if they redid the movie and set it in the present with all our new tech?

    “E.T. Text home!” *pulls out iphone*

    =D I might actually watch that version!

    The new logo sucks. They need to hire someone a little more original me thinks.

  2. They are heading away from uniqueness with this logo and making it look like every other OS X-inspired (read: ripped off) logo out there with the “OMG SHINY” look to it. I liked the feather, but I also liked the older camera filter/eye they had going, too. Camera lens = photo. Eye = visual. Quill = writing (WTF?). This = stupid. It’s not even a recognizable thing – it’s too abstract.

  3. I use Adobe Paint Shop Pro (which is like Photoshop), and I also have SETI@home on my computer. SETI apparently looks for Fast Fourier Transforms and Guassian whatevers; PSP uses Fast Fourier Transforms and Guassian effects. So, if it picks up anything, we will know that there is intelligent life in the universe, and it has photoshop.

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