7 thoughts on “$10 Threadless sale ends Monday!”

  1. It kind of distracts you from the shirt itself with those fellers posing around doing weird stuff.. But da good shirts, nonetheless.

    Noisebot has better captions though, I’d have to say, hehh.

  2. One threadles whore to rule them all. One threadless whore to find them. One threadless whore to bring them all and in the darkness sell them. In the land of threadless, where the shadows lie. ^_~

  3. hey! it was great meeting you at the con! and the artist talk thingy turned out really great…LOL i was at the afternoonish one you did on saturday and i really enjoed it!

  4. It was so great seeing you guys at the Con! I had no idea that you guys would be there, it was definetly a fan-boy highlight to the weekend.
    Thanks again for the sketches (they’ll be framed and added to the shrine)

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