Connecticon oh seven roll call

Connecticon was a lot of fun this year! Hawk, Yuko and I spent the weekend doing panels, hawking our wares, and spending time with friends. We sat across from Jeph and Christy of Questionable Content and Claire Barry of Kittybot, both of whom with we had a rather spectacular rubberband war. Congoers died, it was epic.

We were seated next to Rob Balder and Jami Noguchi of Erfworld, Brian Wilson of Hookie Dookie Panic, the ever illustrious (also: awesome) Mookie of Dominic Deegan, Woody and Kendra of GU Comics, Chris Malone of Blue and Blond, Trish and Damien of Novablade Studios, and Garth of Comedity. I also caught Brian Clevinger of 8-Bit Theater with his new partner in criminal activities, Scott Wegener. They’re both working on a project called Atomic Robo, and I’m excited to see it on store shelves – that’s right, they’re going straight to print!

We also got to see a lot of people again – Dave Lister of Paradox Lost was around, and it was cool to see Jamal Joseph Jr. of Chugworth Academy (is the site down? I’ve been unable to access it for a few months now) – he’s a cool cat. I got to do a panel with Russ Nover of Rockets, who is working on a top secret project. I didn’t have a chance to chat with the Dead of Summer guys, but they’re local boys so I think I’ll catch them at Otakon. Also! I saw Lem from Bunny for the first time in a year – he’s away from his natural habitat.

Jekka of Seraphic Blue and Pat are always great to see. Jekka is one of the first friends we made on the convention circuit, and I hadn’t seen her in over a year – wave hi Jekka! Pat is the former chair of Anime Boston and creator and mighty steward of Anime Cons dot com. They are both real great.

Hawk and I have only recently made the acquaintance of Steve Bennett, who is something of an industry veteran. He’s worked as an animator in Japan, so – as he says – if you’ve watched any anime during the eighties and early nineties – then you’ve probably seen something he’s worked on. He’s a very entertaining guy, especially on panels – we met him in Chicago at Anime Central a few months ago.

Shawn Handyside is basically awesome 100% of the time. He does a comic called Staccato, and sells a slew of very clever t-shirts. happy birthday shawn

We also finally got to meet Randy Milholland of Something Positive, who is incredibly cool. We shot rubberbands at him as well – I wish we’d had more time to socialize, but something flinging small rubbery bands is saying just enough. Also, his tablecloth was great – ask him about it. No, seriously.

Yuko and I participated in and sat in on a couple of panels run by the Geek Nights guys, Rym and Scott. Their Anime Match Game panel was a resounding success – and their Gekiga panel is really, really interesting. They’re well-spoken, so the panel sounds something like a presentation by academics. They’re running the Gekiga panel as an 18+ panel at Otakon, so if you meet the requirements then check it out! I plan on being there.

And finally, thank you to Matt, Brianna, Larom, Sarah, and all the staff at Connecticon for giving us another fun weekend in Connecticut. This convention is always especially a pleasure for us because we’re so well taken care of.

Hawk’s posted some photos, so check them out!

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  1. As always, glad you had fun. Now I wonder, are there any other webcomic artists and writers you haven’t met that you’d like to?

    And sadly, Chugworth has been down for some time.

    I chatted with Christy of QC on AIM once as I was trying to settle a t-shirt issue. She seems very nice.

    I r jealous of your con circuit pals. I’m sure you guys know it, but it’s like meeting a celebrity. You guys seem larger than life at times. lol

    Welcome home.

  2. ……”happy birthday”… Oh you’re just asking for it!

    My revenge will be silent but deadly. Like my farts.

    I am going to fart on you is what I’m saying! >_>

  3. The worst thing about it all is that my fiance and I were in Connecticut, flying through Hartford this past weekend and could ahve gone. But we were there for a friend’s wedding, so we had to go to that instead….

  4. hi ananth, im sorry i didnt come back on saturday like i promised. i didnt see you, they said both of you were at the auction.
    my brother said he had a good conversation with you!(urahara from bleach) glad you had a good time

  5. Everyone that I met there was really cool, and it was a pleasure to finally meet you and Hawk in person (and finally hear how you pronounce your name). Yes, I had lots of fun and I’m glad to hear that you did too! Make sure to come back next year, I might volunteer to help out since I live like 30 minutes away.

  6. Thanks for the plug! :) Next time I hope to get to hang out more and not spend hours holed away in a hotel room working on a costume head. (…although it was SO worth it. Terrorizing people as a silvery Seraphic tod was damn fun!)

  7. Matt? Hawk? Kelly “STrRedWolf” Price over at Comic Genesis. Me and T Campbell are holding the Webcomics HOWTO at Otakon, and our first choice (Jon and Mark of A Miracle of Science) can’t make it due to they’re also Otakon staff and can’t come on a Sunday. :(

    Mind joining us? Let me know, hawk-wants-iphone (at) my comic’s domain will get me.

  8. Even when we weren’t behind a table this time, I didn’t get to actually have a good conversation with anyone this year. *sigh* But it’s always cool to see you and Hawk, and hope you had as much fun as my brother and I did.

    About Chugworth, I talked to Paper Dave and JJ and they said it was the host and since he was on vacation, they can’t get the site back up until he comes back.

    Anyway, till next con…….

  9. Dude, that is a shit-ton of shout outs.

    Apparently, Jeph and Christy from QC are coming down to Maryland this weekend, but they won’t be at Otakon? Crazy.

    See you guys soon.

  10. Haha I like how its strange that Atomic Robo is going “straight to print”. I guess a comic book was a tad out of place in the web comics area. I blame Clevinger.

    It was nice meeting you. I LOVE the artwork. So much so I’ll say it twice. I LOVE the artwork.

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