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July 29, 2007
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Aido of Fallen fame was a doll and told Hawk that she’d cover for him on the art end of things this week. She’ll be doing both of the color comics this week – Hawk will be on AG Lite like usual. So enjoy the artistic interlude! And wish Hawk a happy mini-vacation, he’s going to get some extra hours thanks to Yuko.

EDIT: Comic up! Enjoy!

As of now, the comic is running a little late – it should be up by the time you folks wake up tomorrow morning! Check it out then!

July 28, 2007
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I’m pretty happy with this…

July 27, 2007
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Still at the office….

July 26, 2007
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I think I’m done. I was experimenting and trying to go beyond what I usually do.

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I’ll finish this at some point….

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Comic is finally up. I really like how this one came out.

If anyone is interested in bidding on two table cloths that I drew on at Otakon, click on the images below.

First piece:

Second piece:

July 24, 2007

I read this article this morning from Computerworld. The article points out that Vista is going to over take Tiger in web usage by August. That’s fine, however, the article fails to mention a rather important point.

The reason that this is happening is because current XP users are upgrading to Vista.

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