Welcome back Fred

Fred is back from Australia and New Zealand. So today was my last day at Megatokyo. I would like to thank Fred for giving me the chance to work on his site while he was gone and trusting me. You have no idea how hard it was not to draw boobs all over the site. Hehe. Anyways, it was a lot of fun and I hope we ca do it again.

25 thoughts on “Welcome back Fred”

  1. i gotta say that i thought you did a hella good job over at megatokyo while fred was away. those side panels were fantastic. :D

  2. uhhhh…no more rent-a-zilla???? anywayz good job man…fred could’nt have picked a better guy to handle megatokyo….

  3. Freds back…Quick while he hasent changed the password Put BooBies all over the sight them Blame it on Ananth!

    Ok im an Aword I know :P

  4. I want an evil ill-tempered koala bear to kill your kangaroo… It will take about 2 weeks, but he’ll get the job done. :P

  5. I know… :( And a Koala…those things are so cute…mean drunks, just for the record, but cute.

  6. B(.Y.)bies! XD
    I don’t know why but I’ve wanting to do that. ^_^
    Great stuff and the kangaroo rocks.:D

  7. We were glad to have you! ^^ You did a great job, and I’m pretty dang sure all of us from SD appreciated all that you did. ^^

    (twas a pleasure to colour your work, as well!)

  8. You made Megatokyo worthwhile to read again… Updated consistently on time, AND a fun Largo-esque zombie invasion! Fire Fred, let Hawk draw Megatokyo!

  9. uhhh, as an Australian, I know we have millions of kangaroos in the outback (wouldn’t be bothered though to fly 6-10 hours and drive how many others to find any, zoo’s are for that >.>) , but I’d doubt one would be able to be caught (without a trank gun} and sent to America, quarantine are stiff about things like that XD

    he’s a nice “really” big red that one, well drawn! **as expected of you :P ** thanks for keeping megatokyo up, and keeping your webcomic going, great job!

  10. Not to mention, they tend to fight dirty…cute endearing eyes, and then you’re flat on your back, bleeding.

  11. Steve irwin will rise from the grave to do a segment of the strange man ridding the kangaroo…

  12. lol there’s a temple up here in brisbane that for some odd reason has(had?) a baby kangaroo (well ok… it was a baby about 2 years ago lol) … that suddenly appeared in its gardens (bushes) one day o_o … i’m sure … it being small… you could probably take it down with … not too many injuries XD … bribe quarantine with a couple of million dollars and send it to america XD

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