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  1. never can I find a webcomic that isn’t totally calvin and hobbes.

    ps. this is fantastic, feel free to colour, i won’t stop you

  2. If you really want to have fun color the Zilla purple and call him Barney. Hehehehe… :DDD Your rendition over at MT is so good it’s amazing. It really captures the character of MT and yet it’s still yours. I love it. ^_^

  3. You’re just awersome Hawk. You’ve captured Ping’s character right on. Though it would feel a little weird to see her in specs, I’m sure that Fred’s got something good for Ping later on in the story. Maybe a proto XBoX 360 boy-robot? X3

    Lol, I’m only joking there. Great work as always! :)

    P.S: Will there be a meanwhile panel which would explain how come Boo, Asmodeus and Seraphim where absent from a true MT role for 2 whole chapters or something? Just asking, thank you! :D

  4. Anybody else notice this is the first time in over a year MT has been on time twice in a row? I tease Fred. Love the art as always. Hawk never fails to astound and delight. Looking forward to the next apple geeks.

  5. “Zilla Stomp”

    Great artwork! This is good colored poster or T-shirt material. I’d buy it.

  6. gah stupid attempting to put things in tags ; ; Anywho it should say “So I have to change…” You forgot the ‘to’.

  7. After looking at this does anybody know if any other Godzilla movies are coming out, I’m hereing of the 3-d movie coming, but I’m unsure.

  8. Hee! “Don’t just RENT-a-Zilla…BE a Zilla!” ^_^ Cute with a capital Q.

    And poor Ping would be still be kawaii in a gunny sack. ^_^

    Well done!

  9. great pic, so great i collered it, just wanted to let you knowhttp://www.deviantart.com/deviation/56640877/
    sometimes people get mad at me for this stuff, but hey what can you do
    also, anyone have the link to the forums om mt for the fan coloring stuff?

  10. my two favorite webcomics in one…
    this made my day better, and my day sucked, so w00t.
    Too bad its technically tomorrow now…
    …crap, yesterday still sucked :)

  11. Don’t get me wrong, Piro’s great and all…but the lack of updates bothers me. Maybe he could write the scrips and Hawk could draw them…that way we’d…you know…get frequent (more frequent, at least) updates?

  12. danm, good idea, maybe i will print it and put it on my wall.

    make it a backgrownd!
    my brother still has the background of hawk riding the godzilla lol

  13. That’s so CUTE! Any chance the Mega Tokyo artist could turn this into a wallpaper? Or maybe even you, Hawk?

  14. yeah! where’s boo? my first MT comic was pg.90 “go for the beer boo” soo cute! I started reading applegeeks later. cool picture, him and largo should meet.

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