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June 29, 2007
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I use Google Reader to view all my RSS feeds but lately I’m getting really annoyed with some of the websites out there. For example, here’s the RSS feed for Gizmodo, a popular technology weblog about consumer electronics.

TUAW is also another website I like to check out, but just like Gizmodo, they will not shut up about the iPhone. The way I see it, if the iPhone fails, people will blame Apple for the hype. But is Apple really the one hyping the product or is it bloggers with no self control?

June 28, 2007
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This is my favorite Photoshop Phriday in a while – check out Something Awful’s thread about Children’s Books!

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There’s been an ongoing shitstorm in which Vice President Cheney tried to contend that his office was not part of the Executive Brance, and he therefore did not need to submit to an Executive Order that all classified documents go to the National Archives. The gall of such a claim is astounding – not because it’s unexpected (no, in that sense it’s no surprise), but rather because it’s asinine. What it boils down to is that Cheney’s lawyers were trying to apply some flimsy legalese to the Constitution.

Well, Congressmen were having none of it. Their response was that if the Office of the Vice President wasn’t part of the Executive Branch, well, then – it didn’t need to be included in the Executive budget. Ouch.

In light of that, the claim has unsurprisingly been retracted. If I sound like I’m not even making an attempt to hide my bias, well – I’m not. I try to keep bias out of my posts as much as possible, but this whole story has been patently stupid. There’s nothing conservative or liberal about this – it’d be an idiot move no matter who’s in Office.

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Lateness of the comic is my fault(ish)! I got the script to Hawk a little later than I’d have liked, so no ragging on him.

Hawk’s posted our con schedule for July – those conventions are back to back, so things are going to be getting crazy. Come out and see us if you’re of the mind to do so – we always love meeting you guys.

I recently finished reading Neil Gaiman’s Fragile Things, and I had mixed feelings about it. It was alternately really good and a little meh. The thing I like about Gaiman is his ideas; I’ve always been on the fence about his writing style when he’s doing fiction (but that can certainly be attributed to personal taste). As a comics writer he’s fantastic!

I got my parents into Heroes. They’ve managed to watch 19 episodes in 4 days. I’ve created a monster. D: Anyway, they’re rather excited about tonight because they get to finish the series.

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Yeah, the comic isn’t colored. I didn’t have time to finish it last night. For the next couple of weeks, I need to prepare for July conventions.

Connecticon – Guests
Otakon – Still waiting… (not 100% sure, but we might be sharing the megatokyo booth again.)

June 27, 2007

Mika Brzezinksi is a host on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, and she out and out refused to do the first story of the day, which was about Paris Hilton. It’s great to watch – nice to see someone drawing a line between what is and isn’t real news. Check it out!

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… came out of a conversation I had with Shawn Handyside of Staccato fame. Oh Shawn. Crazy crazy Shawn. Crazy oughta-be-committed Shawn. Crazy I’m-dialing-the-funny-farm-right-now Shawn …