The Dark Knight

So I checked out the release date for the sequel to Batman Begins, and it’s July 18th, 2008, which makes me real sad. However, that doesn’t mean that Warner Bros. isn’t starting up the ad campaign now. There are two sites up right now – the first is I Believe in Harvey Dent, which looks like a barebones election campaign website. The second website is I Believe In Harvey Dent Too, and it features a hacked and defaced version of the first link. Leave it up for a moment, though – and you’ll get a rather ugly surprise.

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  1. At the bottom, there’s a spot to enter your email and a randomized code.
    I tried it and when the page didn’t reload I clicked it again, and the picture screen said “trying to cheat a cheater. you make me smile.”

    Creepy? A bit.
    But I can now barely wait for 2008.

  2. the image that comes up on site 2 reminds me of “Ichi the Killer” with the scars from where his cheeks were slashed open

  3. I’m scared to try the second link. The last thing I need is some weird naked fat guy popping up on my screen.

  4. sure going for the uber-reality tack with this franchise now. As much as you can with a superhero comic anyway. Looks cool, should be good to see badguy Heath.

  5. this movie is gonna bombard us with awesome. i await like a giddy japanese schoolgirl . . . and while im not exactly proud of that fact, i willingly admit it.

  6. Have you seen the cast? I’m amazed and so excited to see those people in those roles… Heath Ledger as The Joker? I don’t know what to expect, I can only assume he’ll blow me away.

  7. The email and code revealed the picture that was underneath one pixel. As more people enter their email more pixels are shown. Go back now, the whole picture is unveiled.

  8. finally,another batman movie! i think this is a conspiracy! theres spiderman, shreck, and pirates 3! now theres gonna be batman 2 and fantastic 4 2. what next, superman 2!!!

  9. Well actually, the second superman movie is being worked on at the moment… Same cast as “Returns.”

  10. they are sooooo going to ruin superman, if it’s true they are remaking superman II.

    honestly, superman II is the best superman movie out of them all.

  11. They aren’t, but a new directors cut has been released. It doesn’t make as much sense, and the ending makes supes look like a vindictive bastard, but it’s a good film despite it.

  12. They arent “remaking” superman II, just a sequel to superman returns. It would be really hard for them to remake superman II as a sequel to superman returns because ‘Returns is set AFTER superman II in the movie canon. Theyre just acting as if superman III and IV never existed (which imo, is a damn good idea).

  13. what pic am i suppoesd to see? all i get is a page that says Page not found. with lots of HaHas the same color as the background and an occasional typo such as r or y……

  14. It says “HAHA” and the typos are not really typos. They spell the words “I see you” over and over again.

    Creepy, eh?

  15. Wait..It doesn’t say “I see you” it says “See you in December”…
    I’m confuzed.

  16. possibly a trailer for the movie coming out in December? or someone in their publicity office REALLY screwed up.

  17. *looks at the completed pic* Wow…that’s really awful, and not in a good way–that makeup is *lousy*. It’s bad enough that they screw up the superhero franchises to begin with, and then for some strange reason think they have to re-do movies that have already been done (Both the Superman and Batman ‘Returns’ movies), but now they have to completely fubar even that?

  18. I can’t see it either :(
    all I see are hahas and there’s no place to enter the email address

  19. I was pretty skeptical when i heard Heath Ledger was playing The Joker, but now that I’ve seen this, I’m a tad bit relieved. He looks perfect, but i wonder if he can pull of The Joker’s maniacal laugh and stuff :p. Only time will tell I guess.

  20. earlier that day there was a pic of the joker after a lil while, now its just a bunch of haha’s with “typos” that spell out “see you in december”

  21. From the various news items, apparently he starts out wearing makeup as part of his crimes, then gets scarred into a Proper Joker Face.

    Therefore, the images there? Work for me.

  22. the picture is no longer there… it says page not found but if you highlight everything it has a bunch of “haha”s around the place… interesting

  23. ladies and gentelmen what you are seeing before you is a “Viral Campaign” this will seem very familiar to the people who understood the “I love bees” phenominon( because it is being done by the same people.

  24. I heard that if you remove all “Ha” it says something like “see you in december”. They say that’s when the trailer is showing.

  25. Looks awful dark to me. I sort of fell in love with the Joker from the animated Batman series, the sort of supervillan which could hold his own in a one-on-one with Batman, an equal-but-opposite character worthy of such a strong hero. With such scary make-up, he’s certainly not gonna be the bumbling clown of the 60’s. I just hope he’s not such a badass that we miss out on what’s important: the mind-blowing insanity that only makes sense to the Joker.

  26. Best assesment so far, by my good friend Scott:

    It freaks me the fuck out. But as a purist, I really, really hate it. A lot. With a passion. Of course I’ll wait to see what it looks like in motion (c’mon worthwhile teaser trailer), but until then, I hate it more than nipples on the Batsuit. I hate it more than Jessica Alba as Sue Storm. I hate it more than “I’m the Juggernaut, bitch” and every other line from X3 combined. I hate it more than Hulk fighting a fucking lake. I hate it more than I hate Daredevil.

    No, that last one can’t be true.

    Still. It’s fucking scary as hell and I applaud Nolan for having the stones to immediately scare away more than 1/3 of the movie’s audience, which is children with mothers. Is it a more grounded, plausible Joker? Yes. Is it MY Joker? No, but it also isn’t my Batman, either. Still, I think Heath will get all of homophobic America to forget about Brokeback Mountain when the trailer for this hits and they shit a Joker fish.

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