28 thoughts on “The ultimate slide”

  1. Now that I know it wobbles dangerously it’s even better, screw my workplace, I wan’t this at home.

  2. I still want a waterslide in my house, that appears when I push a button on my bath tub and causes my tub to tip up, open at one end and spill contents down the slide and into my giant swimming pool full of beautiful people.

  3. Man, I could use one at my work to. The stairs are killing me! They really need to maker a thing like they have at the bank (the vacuum money tubes), but for people. They had this in the Jetsons, why do we have nothing like this yet?!

  4. I went to the Tate Modern yesterday and they’ve gone! Rats.
    I had to make do with a spin on the London Eye.

  5. Didn’t Batman have something like that in the movies? Is Hawk planning on being Cap’n Power at work?

  6. Holy batman-esque thinking Hawk!

    You will need a cave and a butler to go with that slide of course.

  7. That has to be one of the greatest ideas for this contraption ever. I suddenly want to go buy a whole bunch of marbles and see if there is a slide similar to this at the tech museum in my town.

  8. Are you sure it wobbles “dangerously”? Most dynamic installations and structures are built with the wobble in mind. The brittle breaks, the fluid doesn’t.

  9. I WANT ONE i want one now at my college at home and one that goes from the house to town cause that would make going down for a drink way easier than this walking merlaky

  10. There was a similar setup at a place I interviewed with. The building was only 3 stories, but there were those sort of slides at each end of the building.

  11. i was in Germany last summer and they have something even BETTER. i believe it’s called the rodelbahn? Basically, starting on the top of a mountain there is something that looks like a very long waterslide, except the sides are lower, and you go down it on this little platform with wheels and a brake stick. it even records your speed :) The best part (for us lazy types, at least) is that it pulls you back up.

  12. You could clip car batteries on it at night to keep those darn kids off when you’re not using it. They have their own playgrounds.

  13. That slide is very awesome. When I get my mad scientist’s island fortress set up, I’m so having one of those! All the way from the highest tower to the deepest dungeon!

  14. Bad Razor: WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOO!!! *zoomzoom*
    Good Razor: How fast would you be going when you hit the bottom?? Does the insurance come out of your paycheck?? X_X

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