The monster within…

So this is how my afternoon went down today.

From this….

“La la la I’m programming on my laptop.”

…to that….

“Rawr! I’m a paper monster!”

Everything in between was pretty much a blur.

On a serious note, we were really happy to bring down the storyboard for the big project. Now we have a wall again.

36 thoughts on “The monster within…”

  1. So the big crunch is all done then? Gratz! Hope everything turned out great and you guys get it easy for a few days. I envy you guys and your clear enjoyment for your job.

  2. Don’t you love it when you can get rid of those glaring reminders that you aren’t finished yet?

  3. Is it just me, or does anyone else see that in the comic (361) that Jayce has the last two fingers on his right hand down and one up? Meaning that he’s flipping off Hawk?

  4. :D Oh, goodness. Isn’t that usually the way? Just when your most industrious, randomness attacks to drag you away by the hills to the Eden of procrastination. Enjoy it while you can, little man :P And if you’re fighting Spidey, could you take out Kirsten Dunst while you’re at it? And no, not for a dinner date… unless that’ll distract her long enough to forget about acting.

  5. you’re, heels, and whatnot- Bear in mind, it’s late and this is finals week :| Send sugar.

  6. . . .

    Where do you work and how do I apply? I make a mean chocolate chip cookie (as well as a tasty pain au choclate), and I can model and texture things in Maya with great skill!

  7. Oh dear. Hawk, these nice people are here to take you to a nice place, far far away. They’re even going to give you a nice jacket that lets you hug yourself all the time, okay?

    It’ll all be okay.

  8. props on hooking up the Wii to the projector in order to get the mondo-mega-sized video game screen Hawk! I did that back in the day with my N64 and Mario Party 2, and what a party it was!

  9. I would hope so…never stop being a kid, kids. It causes bad things to happen. It can cause you to turn into someone like Jack Thompson…ewww..

  10. OH! E-mail address, please! I’m learning to model, myself. It’s fun, but totally frustrating.

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