31 thoughts on “I can fly….splat”

  1. Remember where you put you laptop before jumping! We don’t want to see Hawk cry :(

  2. Looks to me like storyboards… maybe, I could be wrong. I don’t have my glasses on or contacts in.

  3. I saw this picture and I was instantly reminded of my cat for some strange reason…

  4. Gotta love the “Death from above!” moments.

    God I miss my trampoline… :(

  5. See, this is proof. You humans are compltely crazy. It may seem fun to you, but we [teddy bears?] get no “rush” out of doing idotic things. Well, it does look sorta fu- darn. Oh well.

    O Mr. Bear out.

  6. i want to do it now…but if i try ill hit my cealing, stupid low cealings! i hate being tall >.

  7. xD Haque I love ya! You’ve inspired me to do many things (such as convert to pastafarianism) and teach everybody about his noodely goodness!

  8. You tricked us by wearing a hat!

    have i ever mentioned that i h8 ur job… and i wish i worked there!

    why can’t we have a trampoline… we just have cubicles :(

  9. Since the dawn of time men have always set out to fly.
    Hawk bounced on to bean bag chairs.

    Looking at all that I am reminded of the song “Freebird”

  10. working too much may lead to noticeable changing behaviour patterns ,, FLYYYY .. It’s the immanent death wish of a workload tortured mind .. WHEEEE .. the moderate out of body expierence while milliseconds of zero gravity to take away the burdens of hours and hours of heavy brain abuse… PLOFFF (oh I like that sound .. ) .. the sudden momentum against floor induced relaxation like a biological reboot…
    You know I’m dreaming of a punching bag in my office..

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