14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Yuko!”

  1. Oh my, quite a number of things came together in my head. Wow.

    Congratulations Yuko, and congratulations to Ananth too. I’m not like Jeph, I didn’t see that coming, but it makes me happy for both of you. Now stop being so ridiculously cute.

  2. holy cats, she’s only 22? Happy Birthday Aido! I miss your pretty drawings and fantastic story. I will not give up hope that it will continue, but will never pester you about it.

  3. Just err… read it. It’s nice, wish it had a conclusion. Wish there was more info on the setting. It seems to be a bit abandoned though…. :(

  4. Can’t Ananth force her to get back to workon it? For seriously! Course, if he had time for that maybe we’d see more at 1000 Crows… Yeah, I’m still badgering you about that… sucka.

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