25 thoughts on “Work work …”

  1. I dunno about you… but calling in seemed like a very real option for me this morning… sleep > work

  2. Mondays…SUCK!

    Except the fact that I have my classes on Mondays…never thought that going to school would be the highlight of my week… O_o

  3. no your math is wrong. works = moneys= pr0n for n00bs
    1337 h4xx0rs g3t 7h3r3 pr0/\/ f0r fr33 ^^

  4. Okay, it bumped out my Parentheses….but but I noted that this is an effort to weird out the general populace.


  5. Call in sick? HA! Be a hard worker!!!

    …I’m just saying that because I can’t…stupid *nrgh* military rules…*mumble*

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