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March 30, 2007
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New AG Lite.

New TS.

Final sketch for Issue 353 is done and cleaned up. If you would like to color the lineart, feel free to download the artwork.

March 29, 2007
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I left the actual comic drawing at work. So I quickly did a sketch for today. I’m going to finish this and color it.

March 28, 2007
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Just a heads up, Ananth and I will be at MTAC (Middle Tennessee Anime Convention) April 13-15. We’ll even have our Eve figure with us. So if you would like to meet us there, start planning. ;)

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I just want to point out the show Prison Break is way better than the show Lost.

Yeah I said it.

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… was based on a true story, pretty much.

I figure most of you know, but for those who don’t, here’s a link to the Wiki about Strom Thurmond.

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Here’s another morning warm-up sketch I did while eating breakfast.