I’m working on a side side project with my friend Christine. I thought I would share some of the artwork with you guys. These were done completly in pen and copic markers.

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Comment by Christine
2007-02-26 14:35:32

Damn, if that’s not motivation, I don’t know what is lol

Comment by Rose
2007-02-26 14:37:10

Haha, that’s damn awesome! I can’t wait to see more of it!

Comment by umiryu
2007-02-26 15:03:54

Having fun with the copics I see … I do the same thing with the multiliners and greyscales … I really dont like the color Copics … I think i need to spend more time with them … and probably buy a set of my own first.

Comment by Giga Guess
2007-02-26 17:36:44

Love it! Very dark…

Comment by Walin
2007-02-26 18:26:59

Always impressed. The comic style is great, but you have great range as well. Looks interesting.

Comment by lepas
2007-02-27 00:18:26

*wants to click to enlarge*
Looks impressive!
how do you even have time for all this?
Stop making the rest of us look like we aren’t trying hard enough. ;)

Comment by Walin
2007-02-27 00:28:41

He draws pretty pictures. We do not. Nuff said. :P

Comment by garfalk
2007-02-27 03:08:32

pssst…lepas = female hawk.

they could switch comics for a week and probably the masses wouldnt notice.

Comment by Walin
2007-02-27 19:03:20

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Do I need to see some more pretty pictures?

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Comment by Walin
2007-02-27 22:32:09


2007-02-28 01:08:59

True… :-P.

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Comment by Walin
2007-02-28 01:47:59

Couldn’t make a heart? It taxed the system a little bit too much maybe.

I checked out Zap. I like it a lot. I have a new comic to check on. So thanks for the recommendation. I wish you could edit these.

Comment by Walin
2007-02-27 02:59:51

Oh yeah, hope work is going smoothly for you guys. I know it’s a bit of a crunch time for ya.


Comment by Rado(Frosty)
2007-02-27 06:18:43

][_, ([]) ][_,
How did you make the letters so perfect or did you add them in PS.

Comment by Chris Giddings
2007-02-27 08:48:18


Comment by jules
2007-02-27 13:28:03

Very powerful. I love it!

Comment by Maaku
2007-02-27 13:59:58

awsome stuff!

2007-02-28 01:09:53

I love the second one!


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