As Fred wraps up pages for MT book 5, I did a guest art for him. He requested a cute piroko.

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Comment by Vlad
2007-02-26 08:40:11

Nice! Hehe it sort of reminds me of one of the characters from Metal Slug.. (I have been playing it too much lately.)

Comment by umiryu
2007-02-26 08:44:07

Thats kinda creepy. But great job … Just creepy cute.

Comment by Chris Giddings
2007-02-26 08:56:54

Oh my [insert deity reference here]! I think I’m in love! ;-)

Comment by P ! C O
2007-02-26 09:37:10

Holey Moley. He was right. It *is* disturbingly cute.

Comment by Logan5
2007-02-26 09:44:33

Ph34r t3h Cut3 0n3s!

I’m aph34rd. Very aph34rd.

Comment by Azrael
2007-02-26 10:58:40

1 f33l joo br07h3r….

teh cut3n355…175 3v1L!!!

Comment by underwearninja
2007-02-26 12:27:52

d0n’t l00k d|r3ct1y 4t h3r j00 w|11 tur/\/ t0 st0/\/3!!

Comment by shadowrider
2007-02-26 21:50:00

“Aaagh! Don’t look into her eyes! Don’t look!!”
“We can’t just wait till she kills us and eats our brains…”

*Gomen, Couldn’t help myself. They just work here even out of context.*

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Comment by Azrael
2007-02-28 07:16:55

1 ju57 r341iz3…….. 1 1

Comment by Daniel
2008-03-11 20:27:42

7h47z 3><c31l3/\/7 1337 5p34k 4r3 j00 0n3 0|= u5?

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Comment by Backlash
2007-02-26 10:48:05

Am I the only one who thinks she looks ready to shoot Piro off her head?

Comment by Unshra
2007-02-26 11:05:30

You mean like suicide?

Comment by Backlash
2007-02-26 11:36:28

No, no, not with the gun where it is now… but Piroko is a counterpart of Piro, so maybe it would be suicide anyway. Someday Megatokyo will make sense, someday!

Comment by Unshra
2007-02-26 17:39:33

Actually I was referring to the later of the two descriptions you just gave, if Piro dies so does Piroko.

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Comment by someone
2007-02-26 10:54:08

hmm kawaii to kowaii

Comment by Kiramekirei
2007-02-28 03:07:39

The line between cute and scary is indeed thin, especially in Japanese.

BTW, you misspelled kowai.

Comment by Tama Hoshi
2007-02-26 12:13:27

holymoley you drew a “Lace type” and didnt even mean to. CUTE ^_^

Comment by Joykillery
2007-02-26 12:14:58

Largo does not seem amused

2007-02-26 12:17:17

He actually seems to be drunk (or sleepy) :-P.

Comment by shadowrider
2007-02-26 21:40:01

Nah. Looks more like he’s thinking ‘wtf?’, or he’s thinking on whether he should be running for the hills from her. It’s rare for her to smile and even then it would have a much darker undertone compared to happy-cute. I would think Largo would have something to worry about.

Comment by chicho
2007-02-26 22:44:20

Actually he’s not drunk nor sleepy, he is just emo. It’s the same Largo that Hawk drew a little while back.

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Comment by waahaahaa
2007-02-27 04:22:20

never would he wear those gloves. ever…

Comment by Grason
2007-02-26 13:12:46

Hawk – As cool as this is, your Katsukon stuff is even cooler, imo.

Comment by darkcrystal65
2007-02-26 13:15:33

Ack she’ll kill us all!! Disturbingly though.. she’s cute O.o

Comment by Kowell
2007-02-26 13:33:04

It’s all in the glaces…. we’re suckers for glaces

Comment by Elleym
2007-02-26 22:59:22

I wear glaces too…
Is that a good thing?

Comment by Kiramekirei
2007-02-28 03:04:18

maybey that’s why she’s smiling??? she can see now!!!

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Comment by Kuma
2007-02-26 14:01:41

I am SO glad piro has a (disturbingly) warning on the “cute piroko” title on his website XD.
Seriously that thing is scary cute.. disturbingly will-not-hesitate-to-frag-you cute >_>;. nice work Hawk :3. ./no1

Comment by Crow
2007-02-26 18:48:37

yes…yes, i75 h1l4r10u5! 1 l1k3 t|-|15 f1ll3r H4WK, m4yb3 joo 4N FR3D 5|-|0uLD T34M up

Comment by Inho
2007-02-26 22:23:25

this is probably the cutest piroko [and the last]i’ve ever seen![the cutenezz burns XP] also u did a r34LLy g00d j0b on 7|-|15. i hope u can make some more in the future..

Comment by Haesslich
2007-02-26 23:03:06

This is actually rather disturbing. As in the ‘Oh my God, she’s smiling! SHE’S GOING TO KILL US ALL!!!’ sort of way, rather than the ‘Huh, that looks weird’ type.

You know, on anyone else that smile would be cute. On Piroko, famous for her lack of grins… it’s just creepy. :)

Comment by JackR
2007-02-26 23:54:06

Hawk, you’re an amazing artist, but your take on Largo will never cease to frighten me..

Comment by ladyrazorsharp
2007-02-27 02:26:11

Scary!cute. I love how her eyes are sooo sparkly.

Comment by oziris
2007-02-27 04:01:28

sweet one dude \o/
always amazed by youe artwork

Comment by Rado(Frosty)
2007-02-27 06:22:21

Tis is the first time i’ve seen her smile.She looks totaly sweet….oh and iths the first time i’ve seen minipiro and minilargo….why is his arm so skinny?

Comment by fangirl
2007-02-28 00:17:22

Because that is not Largo’s arm…that is the flap of Piroko’s knapsack…

Comment by Liquidbubble
2007-02-27 11:33:14

Lol…. i think Fred titled it Perfectly on MegaTokyo…. “Disturbingly Cute Piroko”….

Comment by Petpro
2007-02-27 12:25:06


Comment by Sandra-zm
2007-08-25 00:45:31


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