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  1. Yeah, well, sorta… I remember an article a while back saying that dolphins were used in several missions (I think WW2, but not sure) with an explosive attached to its fin… they were essentially live torpedoes.

  2. I read somewhere they attached spears on their noses and made them learn to spear swimmers and scuba divers….it was a failed attempt…i wish i could find where i read it.

  3. all we want ar figgin’ sharks with friggin’ laser beams attached to their figgin’ heads is that so hard??!!!?!?!?!1

  4. you know that somehow bush is behind this…
    i dunno were, i dunno when but the dolphins are going to attack.
    whats next? exploding tuna??

  5. I’m not a Bush lover, but the article does say that the last time they used them was in 1996. Funny that it was for a Republican convention though; maybe Clinton was hoping some of the Republicans would go for a swim in the bay after :D

  6. no, I meant the carrier pigeons with grenades. but I could be thinking of those incindiary bats (no joke, the bats burst into flames, but by the time they got it to work we already dropped a nuke)

  7. I think the article also said that they have been using dolphins for stuff like this for 35 years, so this is one that can’t be pinned on the current administration.

    Though, exploding tuna sounds interesting…..

  8. I know in the past dolphins have been used by the military for various reasons, though I can’t remember what. Honestly, as cool as a guard dolphin sounds, it’s an unnecessary expenditure on an unreliable program. With so much government waste the fact that this is happening is ridiculous.

  9. How much would this suck… You are swimming along and all of a sudden something bumps into your leg and the next thing you know, your leg is being pull by a rope to God knows where and when it stops there are strange men asking you questions

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