8 thoughts on “Still alive”

  1. I thought there was a good explanation why you ware taking so much time.No worries i got lots of work too, the dead line is in 15h from now and i just started doing it.So just finish what your doing…we wont kill you for it…at least not me.

  2. Heh, it’s always the way. You have a slow week and then before you know it the next week opens up a new barrel of monkeys.

    On a side note I like the hint of jealousy I’m detecting from Eve in todays comic. :)

  3. Relax, you’re way more reliable than Piro, and he doesn’t even both to color any of his work. Doesn’t seem to hurt his audience much.

  4. We can wait. Applegeeks is worth it. While I wish there were daily updates, I understand you have a life outside of the comic. And that’s OK. Just don’t burn yourself out, Hawk. Same for Ananth.

  5. Actually you’re dead. You’ve gone to hell. You now have to do all your digital inking with a PC running Windows ME, on a Pentium 2 at 267mhz, 64mb ram, and a 4gb hard drive. Oh, and you’re trying to run CS2 on it.

    ::snaps out of nightmare:: thank god you’ve got your mac!!

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