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February 28, 2007
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Yesterday I was introduced to a webcomic called Zap! The art is really good and it has shiny space boobies, which I approve.

Today’s AG lite was based on an actual conversation between Ananth and myself.

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… is basically an AIM conversation transcribed almost word for word.

We kind of are idiots. Maybe a lot.

February 26, 2007
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Hey! So Hawk and I recently read this. I’ve mentioned before that I’m not much for superhero comics, but I tend to keep an eye on Batman for equal parts nostalgia and interest. Anyway, Batman: Year 100 recently came out. It’s a Paul Pope book – I’ve had an old issue of THB, and I recently picked up Paul Pope 100%, and I really liked both of those. Batman: Year 100 is interesting and I’d say a really great interpretation of the character, but there was one really huge question that is burning in my mind, and that’s: How come Batman isn’t old?

Did anyone else read it? Got any ideas?

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I’m working on a side side project with my friend Christine. I thought I would share some of the artwork with you guys. These were done completly in pen and copic markers.

In perhaps the quintessential example of small, independent developers creating best-in-class applications on Mac OS X, today we’re going to look at Literature and Latte’s Scrivener. One of the most notable things about this particular developer is that Literature and Latte is not primarily a software developer — it’s actually just one person, who in turn is a writer. Scrivener came out of this individual’s desire for an application that did exactly what he wanted it to. The result is a top-notch, polished application that is responsive and remarkably easy to use.


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As Fred wraps up pages for MT book 5, I did a guest art for him. He requested a cute piroko.

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Last night was the first time I ever watched! (I know, I’m a freak.) It was pretty interesting … nice to see Scorcese won two Oscars! About time.