Troy NY, Saturday pics

Here are some pics from Saturday.

Saturday morning, it started to snow and I was prepared. :P

After the “Meet Applegeeks / photoshop” panel, we went to the Genericon guest dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

Once we got there, I started to doodle on the table mat.

Then I passed the table mat to Jeph Jacques….

While the matart was being passed around, I ended up drawing on the table again.

Ananth took some pics during the Applegeeks panel. So he will post those pics when he gets the chance. I would like to thank everyone that came to the panel and I hope you had a great time.

29 thoughts on “Troy NY, Saturday pics”

  1. You’d love Sketch City Hawk. You’re encouraged to draw all over the tables. It’s fun and there are some mental artists there.

    But it’s in the UK so that little thing called the Atlantic ocean may be a small problem.

  2. weee doodles!…I have a bad habit of dooleing on the lunch table at my high school…Have not been caught yet though…

  3. that would be vandalism but this guy he drew on a i hope a paper covering which means he could keep it if he asked…but the chinese guys would probably make you pay for it or something xD

  4. Oh wow… That one with Batman and Robin riding around in Optimus Prime… That just kills me! XD

  5. Nah, we riped it out of the bigger piece and it will be prominently displayed in our anime and science fiction Library for an as yet undetermined amount of time to come

  6. You can draw on the tables at Macaroni Grill. They put butcher paper underneath the table settings and provide crayons. I found this out a couple months ago. Of course, I’ve only been to a Macaroni Grill that one time so I can’t say it applies to all of them but I imagine it would.

  7. You do the same thing I do at resturants…DOODLE!!!
    I one drew a man eating milkshake on the back of a placemat at Steak and Shake and it ended up wining a contest… yeah I know I’m weird but I can’t help it ;p

  8. ZOMG! FrIGGIN’ awesome that two of my top three fave webcomix creators are sharing a table! If Pablo from Wapsi Square had been there I just know the collected awesome-ness would have triggered my fan-boy senses and I’d-a been instantaneously transported RIGHT to THAT VERY SPOT! *hii-hhha, hii-hhhaa, hi-hhhh….*

    . . .

    Holy sh…WTF just happened…?!? It’s like I geeked-out blacked out and my personality got taken over by a 13year old with a Yugioh fetish… Sorry for that.

    At any rate, VERY cool that such excellent comix creators were able to co-mingle this way. And Hawk meeting Faye is EXACTLY how I’d envisioned it…

  9. Thanks for putting up a great comic this Monday – you guys are both fantastic and all of your work is *really* appreciated. I hope you had a great time this wknd.

  10. Thanks for posting the comic so quickly after getting back Hawk. Sucks I couldn’t make it up to the con. Hope I’ll see you at Otakon again this year. Otakon is a perennial excuse for me to get home to Baltimore. :)

  11. The only thing more awesome than chinese dinner with y’all is FREE chinese dinner with y’all!
    It was nice to meet you both, even if it was limited to a few seconds of yelling at you from the far end of the table.

  12. Wow! Hawk, you are so awesome for getting the Monday comic up, despite your busyness. I appreciate it soo very much, d00d!

  13. Dude for applegeeks lite 100 I missed the update but was there anything special, the strip looks pretty standard

  14. Hey, the Applegeeks lite storyline is always better than the regular applegeeks one. Ditch the regular why don’t you?

  15. Hey I forgot since things were hectic at work, but thanks again for putting up the comic on Monday. It was great seeing you guys at Genericon! Still amazed at how fast you can draw/color Hawk… I’m more than a little bit jealous ;)

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