take me home

We’re back from Troy, NY and Genericon … it was fun! Matt and Jenn (Guest Coordinator and Vice Chair respectively) were really good to us, so I just wanted to take a moment to tip my hat to them.

We have photos from this weekend, but I need to download mine and round up the rest. There’s some funny ones, it’ll be worth the wait.

Also, when I left Hawk’s house (I’d parked at his place before we left for NY), he was chugging away at the comic. He’s working really hard to have it up for Monday, so be sure to thank him! He really ought to be sleeping, but he felt that the comic needed to be up for tomorrow.

As for myself, I came home to a box from Amazon – one of the books is Norwegian Wood, another Haruki Murakami book (I’d previously mentioned reading Wind-up Bird Chronicle and Kafka on the Shore). This one seems to the odd book out, stylistically, but apparently it still holds up. There’s only one way to find out, though – I’ll letcha know how it goes.

6 thoughts on “take me home”

  1. I liked it except at the end whe++++CARRIER LOST++++

    Seriously though, it’s a good book, if very, very disturbed. I had a semester of Japanese literature, and we started taking bets at the beginning of books, on how many deaths would be from TB, and how many suicides.

    I’m still a Soseki man myself, though.

  2. We’re glad that you and Hawk had a good time and that the cold weather didn’t ruin your trip to Genericon.

  3. Glad your trip went well and yes indeed, thanks to you both for your dedication to deadlines. Many would just pass on it after a long weekend like that. It’s much appreciated by all your fans. Oh, and congrats on hitting 100 AG Lites!

  4. Welcome back. Good to hear it was a success. Many thanks to your dedication on getting a comic up this weekend. You should put up your feet and relax whilst you dethaw. Lord knows I wish I could!

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