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January 29, 2007
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Finally took a cue from Hawk and joined Project 365. You take one picture every day and deposit it into a photoset, basically. Here’s a link to mine.

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I have photos!

Hawk showed how he does the “mini-Hawk in the real world” images (blurry, sorry):

Then Hawk demonstrated how he colored the New Years comic (more blurriness):

We had a table next to Jeph and Christy from Questionable Content. Jeph Jacques basically makes me laugh till I can feel my organs rupturing.

Yuko (of Fallen fame) was kind enough to dispense this advice to me during the “Breaking into the Industry” panel (way blurry):

Yuko kills for fun:

On Sunday, the photo theme of the day was to look as gangstah as possible …

Someone caught me smiling? Not sure who …

Thank you to all the Genericon XX staff, especially Jenn and Matt, for making our stay so comfortable!

January 28, 2007
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We’re back from Troy, NY and Genericon … it was fun! Matt and Jenn (Guest Coordinator and Vice Chair respectively) were really good to us, so I just wanted to take a moment to tip my hat to them.

We have photos from this weekend, but I need to download mine and round up the rest. There’s some funny ones, it’ll be worth the wait.

Also, when I left Hawk’s house (I’d parked at his place before we left for NY), he was chugging away at the comic. He’s working really hard to have it up for Monday, so be sure to thank him! He really ought to be sleeping, but he felt that the comic needed to be up for tomorrow.

As for myself, I came home to a box from Amazon – one of the books is Norwegian Wood, another Haruki Murakami book (I’d previously mentioned reading Wind-up Bird Chronicle and Kafka on the Shore). This one seems to the odd book out, stylistically, but apparently it still holds up. There’s only one way to find out, though – I’ll letcha know how it goes.

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Here are some pics from Saturday.

Saturday morning, it started to snow and I was prepared. :P

After the “Meet Applegeeks / photoshop” panel, we went to the Genericon guest dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

Once we got there, I started to doodle on the table mat.

Then I passed the table mat to Jeph Jacques….

While the matart was being passed around, I ended up drawing on the table again.

Ananth took some pics during the Applegeeks panel. So he will post those pics when he gets the chance. I would like to thank everyone that came to the panel and I hope you had a great time.

January 26, 2007
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Our table is right next to Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content. Awesome guy.

Also, here are some sketches I have been doing while I’m at the table.

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9:06 AM: Woke up.

9:15 AM: Saw Hawk’s morning hair. I think he is training to go super-saiyan.

9:27 AM: Laid around in bed some more. Totally awesome.

9:32 AM: Turned on TV. Channel surfed till I came to Chuck Norris kicking a guy in the face.

10:06 AM: Chuck Norris is now having an epic battle with a biker gang. He is kicking their bikes in half.

10:37 AM: Shower.

11:12 AM: Chuck Norris is now kicking someone else’s ass. I think it’s a Chuck Norris marathon.

11:23 AM: Still watching the Chuck Norris ass-whup-athon. I come to three conclusions: 1. Every time someone gets punched by a bad guy, it sounds wimpy. 2. Every time a good guy punches a bad guy, it sounds like someone breaking boards. 3. Every time Chuck Norris punches anyone, it sounds like a Mac truck through a wall of bricks.

11:28 AM: Hawk wants his computer back because I’m too lazy to bring mine.