Rob Balder and Jamie Noguchi recently released a new comic called Erfworld. The comic will be updated every Tuesday and Thursday. So check it out now!

Stop reading this and go!



Ok back to work.

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Comment by Maaku
2006-12-07 13:50:31

Pwetty kewl indeed! And…Stop pressuring me!!!

Comment by Stopa
2006-12-07 16:04:58

Yeah i’ve been waiting for it since i found Order of the Stick(which rules.). But i think the beginning kinda…doesn’t make sence?:O

Comment by EvilLittleGnome
2006-12-07 17:45:32

Saw it at OOTS – so far so good. Can’t wait to meet Jillian though.

Comment by BAMikeyD
2006-12-08 01:16:25

Haha I laughed so hard at this. Jam is hillarious.

Comment by orbism
2006-12-08 12:17:42

i like the dry humor as well as the artwork. the uber rpg references at the start were kinda all over the place :P

Comment by Raphah
2006-12-09 15:29:58

hmm, that was kinda weird i guess, but, its got me hooked, so ill keep reading

Comment by Andrew S.
2006-12-10 01:15:12

Yay, the color is finally up. Yes, even though expected, i still cant wait for the next one.

Comment by Soran
2006-12-10 18:36:33

Love the comic, both Erfworld and your latest.
I saw this today and it struck me as something I thought might appeal to your artistic sense.

Apologies if you’d seen it already.

Comment by jdizswrgav
2007-06-25 00:23:08

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