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December 29, 2006
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Have a good New Years! I’m off to Miami … pictures will follow, I’m sure …

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Another curious question, how many of you own a Nike+? Do you find it useful?

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Most of you probably know who Noah K is, even if you don’t know. He’s that guy who’s taken a picture of himself every day for six years – there was a youtube video of him that got passed around, and someone spoofed it here.

Noah K now has a photoset up on flickr that made me laugh out loud. He’s surrounded by celebrities of all kinds, and he’s got that exact same, deadpan expression in each picture. I keep going back to look at it, it makes me grin.

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iPod vending machines are real and makes $55k a month. Damn. You can read an article about them here.

December 28, 2006
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Ananth: i think this parrot is smarter than you
Hawk: that might be true, but the parrot is better looking than you

And that is how we start our morning.

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Comic is up.

Time to play some Elite Beat Agents on the DS!

December 27, 2006
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I reviewed two graphic novels over at a thousand crows … take a read and see if either pique your interest:


Pride of Baghdad

And if you guys find these reviews useful, let me know and I’ll write up some more. I’m a big fan of indie/alt/small press comics, so I’m always reading ’em.