Disco? Burn instead.

Many of you have probably heard of Disco. There has been quite a lot of marketing for this app, and many even bought it on MacZOT sight unseen.

But lately, many people have had some not so nice things to say about Disco.

The interface is awash in lifeless grays, and the functionality isn’t all that attractive — it doesn’t do much more than the Finder. After playing with it for 20 minutes or so, I can’t say I was impressed. And the much-touted “smoke” feature really doesn’t seem very cool at all. It looks pretty cheezy and is clearly limited to a square box.

My recommendation: Don’t bother with Disco. There are a host of disc burning apps besides the 900lbs gorilla, Toast. Instead, try Burn. It’s open source, has a simple, standard looking UI, and best of all, is a non-smoker.

As a final note, check out this cool hack by Jonathan Wight. Warning: it’s a bit technical, but the movies definitely do impress :)

6 thoughts on “Disco? Burn instead.”

  1. Frankly, I like the UI design; it’s simpler than anything else I’ve seen, which makes burning stuff ridiculously simple. (Not entirely unlike AppZapper.) Gray isn’t a problem for me. If it didn’t churn out 3 coasters in a row of the Descent CD I tried to burn last night, I’d use it a lot more often. (When I tried to burn the same thing in Disk Utility, it said there wasn’t enough space to do it; maybe Disco is still just lacking a size check and tries to burn everything anyway if it’s just a single file.) I found myself turning smoke off after the first few burns, as it only really looks good when it first starts to rise off the window, and after that it ceases to be a big deal.

    Bottom line: I have a nice plump stack of CD-Rs that almost never gets used, so I’m willing to give Disco a chance. If you buy yours in individual jewel cases, use something else for now. :)

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