33 thoughts on “Issue 315”

  1. Agreed! Although I’m sure we would all love to see your artwork instantly, we know that it does take time. And we are willing to wait. Your artwork is amazing, Hawk. I always look forward to it, and I’m never disappointed.

  2. just one thing about the lite…does it have to have four panels? or can you do two normal…and a long one? cause the line seems to break it up funnily…yes funnily…blarg…

  3. Darn you for having a life! DARN YOU!!! j/k

    On a AG Lite note… I thought the squirrel was a hallucination during your fast… shouldn’t he be gone by now?

  4. it’s an art technique used to help break up the picture. it happens in America Comics and Manga, not infrequently either

  5. Everyone’s got a Ramadan squirrel deep down inside. Hawk’s just one of those that is able to manifest it.

  6. ….

    “whered she go? do you see him mistah bear?”

    srry, this may just be ashleys grammar, but i think she can remember whether someone is male or female

  7. Oooo…idea…

    Ramadan squirrel vs. Saber-toothed Gopher!!! they can be mortal enemies!!!! mwahahahah….

  8. Quote wikipedia:
    “Ramadan (in Arabic: رمضان, Ramadhan) – or Ramzan in several countries…”

    Besides, there is no proper way to spell it using roman characters. :p

  9. Ouch! Hawk what did you do to the eyes?!
    I mean really no pupils and stuff and the eyes are always round-ish. Not good =[

  10. It’s a new style. Personally, i would prefer the original “cute and colorful with lots of shades” style, but anyway.

    I think i notice a pattern here: everytime something important happen, the comic’s style changes (see old AG comics versus newer, the “eve gone crazy” thing and after that how the style went back to original, then the “omg we lost eve” with a slight darkening of the style while in Japan and now the new style, while Alice “babysits” Ashley).


  11. Actually I like the overall art style used for this arch. Itsl ike AG:Lite if it were as detailed as the main comic…hence why you get the no-pupil eyes.

  12. I rather like it. It’s been awesome to watch both of your styles progress since day one. (Been a hooked reader since the Hot Chocolate of course. ^^) Someone is always going to bitch. After all, the day the net was created, someone was already bitching it was too slow. ;)

  13. Or they have and they didn’t like it?

    I like the empty eyes when used for effect, just so long as it’s not over done (no, I don’t know what overdone is, I just know how to complain, deal okay?)

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