6 thoughts on “New Art”

  1. Very nice atmosphere and the figure gives it a great sense of scale. Photoshop brushes are love; possibilities are truly unlimited.

  2. very funny and pleasent to look at. Photoshop are pretty good for this kind of thing but I really don’t see it as something used to draw with though.

  3. opps wrong comment thought this was for the monkey xP.

    Anyway the other picture looks pretty good the brush looks great maybe I should try it hehe.

  4. Nothing amazing?!
    I think that is actually quite amazing! Very nice, I love painted scenary like that digitally or used with real paint on canvas.
    great brush skills, Hawk :)

  5. how is that not amazing . . . my god i love that it would make a great background man keep this stuff up

  6. I’m just wondering how long it’ll be till we see Hawk’s work in a real art gallery [as opposed to an online 1]. Judging by this piece, I’d say not very long. :)

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