9 thoughts on “All Hallow’s Eve”

  1. I do not celebrate Halloween. Or Thanksgiving. Or the 4th of July. But that is because I am Australian.

  2. Yeah, but it’s mostly celebrated by Christians/Pagans in America.
    In england halloween is an exscuse to egg your teachers home and have a party. Nothing more, nothing less ^_^

  3. I never egged my teachers…but I had the coolest party last night (got one hour of sleep) and walked five miles from 5am till about 7am and got huuuuge blistes on my feet….

  4. Not going to any partys which is kinda sad ,I got to take my little sister out for the great stash of candy. Thats like 3 pillows case full,anyway whats up with you any plans for tuesday night.

  5. Horror movies. Alcohol. Candy. Girls jumping on trampolines. Guys dressed as girls. Girls with nothing on. Someone is dressed as a squirrel dancing and praying to a statue of a turtle by the pool yelling something about nuts. Cats chasing dogs. Pair of underwear on the living room floor who no one can tell who belongs to or if their a guys briefs or girls granny panties.

    Oh was it a holiday? Happy Halloween, Ananth!

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