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September 30, 2006
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So I realized that Joe Lorens is tight. So I formulated this equation JL=T to the ness power.

… hahaha that was Joe. He’s special …

We tried to see the Science of Sleep today, and instead went on a Bethesda adventure. I picked up Daisy Kutter, which a book by Kazu Kibushi and put out by Viper. Right now we’re making pizza. Apparently I’m supposed to tell you guys every detail of our actions.

This Monday we’re going to start doing AG Lite 3 days a week. That means on Mondays, you guys get two comics to start the week. We try to do what we can to keep you entertained.

Also, Gina’s storyline continues on Monday – we’ll be sticking around in West Hartford for a while. Shivani is a character I feel like exploring a bit. :)

September 28, 2006
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2 new posts over at my writing blog. I finished Kafka on the Shore and really liked it – I talk about it at length.

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CNN’s started this new feature called I-Report, which allows viewers to submit content like images, videos, and news stories that then have the potential to get posted on CNN’s website or used in news reports on their 24-hour news channel. Jon Stewart recently did a a segment about I-Report where he spends several minutes making fun of the new feature, and in response, CNN … linked it? You can get a direct link to the video here, or go to and look for the link. The link now says “Jon Stewart mocks benefits of I-Report”, but for a couple of hours it read “Jon Stewart becomes a hottie through CNN’s I-Report” … I guess someone finally watched the clip. Anyway, why CNN would link a clip that ends with someone yelling “HEY MY BALLS ARE ON WOLF BLITZER’S HEAD” is beyond me. But it sure as hell is funny.

September 27, 2006
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I’m still fighting this cold and it seems to be getting worse. I already went through two boxes of tissues. So I really don’t have the strength to work on the comic. Sorry.

September 26, 2006
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So we finally see Gina visiting people she is familiar with – her old babysitter, who seems to know a thing or two about Gina’s family. Some people have pointed this out in the forums, but “chotti bahan” translates to “little sister” in hindi. This is a time when my cultural background got ahead of me – in Indian culture, there is usually a great familiarity between people and a strong regard for family (whether related by blood or not). It’s not uncommon for people to use terms of endearment such as “chotti bahan” for people outside their blood-related family. Calling your unrelated elders “auntie” or “uncle” is extremely commonplace.

What I’m getting at is that this knowledge is a back-of-the-hand sort of thing. It didn’t occur to me that people might think that Gina and Shivani are related, but for the record, they’re not.

Anyway, I hope you guys liked it. For some reason, I’m somewhat attached to this comic (and the next comic – you’ll see).

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Issue 307 is finally up. The comic would have been up sooner but I was in bed most of the day. I woke up this morning with a nasty cold and it’s giving me a headache. Tomorrow AG Lite is done as well, so that will be up on time as always.

Any questions about the current comic, please direct it to Ananth. I’m going to take it easy for the rest of the night and get some rest.

September 25, 2006
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Hey guys … so my rants have been few and far between. The truth of the matter is that I’ve been reading a lot lately, and I’ve been trying to get my eye back on the news and current events again. Speaking of which, for those of you who didn’t catch this – Clinton gave an interview to Fox News, supposedly for his new Global Initiative – but partway through, the host diverts the direction of the questions. There’s a moment where you can see Clinton mentally take off his gloves. Here it is, split into two parts, on Google video:

Part 1, Part 2

Depending on where you look, some people say the video shows Clinton slapping Fox News and Chris Wallace with a clue by four – others just say Clinton went nuts on Fox News. I’m sure you can guess where I stand on that, but as always, watch the videos and decide for yourselves.

As for reading, I’ve been powering through Kafka on the Shore between work and Applegeeks. I’m about two-thirds of the way through, and so far I really like it. It’s definitely different in pacing than The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, and for a reader unfamiliar with Murakami I feel like it’s a lot more accessible.

I’ve also recently watched some japanese cult movies – Wild Zero and Zebraman. Guitar Wolf is my hero.

I’ve been making a point of cutting down on the number of distractions on my daily schedule so I can dedicate more time to writing.