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So I finally install WordPress on the Applegeeks server. I have been meaning to do this for a long time but since I have been running around because of conventions, I never got the chance to do it. So I sat down this weekend and installed WordPress. With the help of my brother, we were able to import all our old post into the new system. You can finally search through our old posts or leave a comment.

I still need to redesign the archive and individual templates to match the site. My brother is also working on getting the RSS feed to work correctly. A lot of you use the rss feed, so we need to find a way to switch you guys over to the new rss feed. I’m sure my brother will find a way, until then hang tight.

16 thoughts on “Applegeeks + WordPress”

  1. i do have one slight problem – from the blog pages, there’s no easy way back to the comics or to the forum – but i guess that’s just a matter of putting the site menu at the top or something

  2. Kick ass…I always thought it was a good idea for the comic itself to have a comment section too…not just blog sites…but know one ever has done what you have now done. At least, from the comics I read. But it looks cool and came out really well. Good job guys! ^_^

    The Applegeeks site just keeps getting better and better :) Not only the comic lol

  3. The great crankbot has been running on wordpress for weeks! Welcome to the club slow. Does that mean us in the club are slow or am I calling you slow. We’ll never know. ha ha

  4. Kick-ass… glad you gave us the chance to comment… although we already do that on the forums =P good job, anyhow

  5. Grats! Blogs are fun. ;) The coloring on the PA stuff is gorgeous, btw, and I’ve loved the style and storyline of the comic of late. Also, AGLite was a fantastic addition to the site.

  6. I like how the main site looks, now. I understand that it’s still in progress, but I feel it needs pointing out, either way.

    When I was reading through Hawk’s post, I noticed that the hyperlinks were all “buried” in the text. By that, I mean there was no way to differentiate between normal text and the links. Don’t know about the rest of the public, but I like to trace the links down, and it’s easier to just eyeball them than it is to scan the text with the mouse, looking for a link or two.

    Just my two cents.

  7. If you guys need any help with the site now that it is running on WP, stop by the IRC channel on freenode: #wordpress.

    There are usually a lot of knowledgable people there ready to help.

  8. Hawk can make the links stand out like last time with CSS in the wp template. Just give him time. :)

  9. doh! yes – my apologies, it was early, i’d just woken up and was wow’d by how cool it all was, my brain wasn’t working well

    i’ve been looking for some kind of blog type thing but never found something that i thought would do, and i figure, if you guys recon wordpress is good enough for applegeeks, i’m gonna try it out myself

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