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July 31, 2006
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Early day tomorrow, so rant is coming. :) Hope y’all have a good day and a good week.

In the meantime … here’s the boxes of shirts – two new designs for Otakon!

And here’s photos of our new poster! 11″x28″

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New Hawk shirts will be available at Otakon. Also new Eve shirts, new AG posters, prints, and much more!

July 27, 2006
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… was crazy. I don’t even know where to start.

Biiiig thank you to Fred and Sarah for having us out in San Diego, and helping us out in all the ways they did. If it wasn’t for them, I don’t think Hawk and I would have even done the show.

I got to meet or reacquaint myself with:

Shawn Handyside: Staccato!!!!!!!!!!
Christian and Madsen: Little Gamers
Tycho and Gabe: Penny Arcade
Garth: Comedity
Jenn: Mystic Revolution
Eric: Radioactive Panda
Jeph Jacques: Questionable Content
Sam Logan: Sam and Fuzzy
Liz: Stuff Sucks
Frank: Combustible Orange
Joseph Brudlos: Alpha Shade

Man, I hope that’s everyone. If I left a name out, please slap me with an e-mail.

The experience overall was very cool. I was skeptical about how many people would come see us at such a big con, but the flow of readers was pretty steady throughout the weekend. Hawk and Fred did a lot of sketches, and I even ended up doing some as well. I got to meet a lot of cool people, and I ended up missing out on dinner with a lot of the people I listed above on Sunday night, which I feel bad about … for the record, Sprint is the worst phone service I’ve ever had.

This convention was really different from the anime conventions we usually go to, and not just in that it was bigger. It also had more “stuff” … movies, TV channels, and video games all had booths alongside shirts, paraphernalia, and of course, comics of every size and creed. I got to demo FF12, which I am excited and curious about … the Darkness game coming out has piqued my interest as well. Hip Italian designer Tokidoki was there, so I picked up two shirts for Shannon, who is in love with the designs.

Hawk had heard from someone that a new book out called DMZ was very good. On a whim, I picked it up, and I’m glad I did. It’s written by Brian Wood, who also wrote Demo, another awesome limited series. DMZ is about the second American Civil War. NYC is now a wartorn city, very much like the cities in Lebanon right now. It follows the journey of an embedded reporter through the city, and is just terribly fresh and exciting and thoughtful. If you’re looking for something outside the norm, I’d strongly recommend it.

I shot some footage of Comic Con this weekend, but Hawk and I haven’t had a chance to download the video yet (I think we’re short a firewire cable or something, we’re working it out). You guys can probably expect some interesting new content by the end of August … we are going a little crazy prepping for Otakon, which is less than a week away at this point. After Otakon, we’ll be able to fully recover and get back to focusing on what we do best: comics.

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We had a blast at San Diego Comic Con. But first, I would like to thank Fred and Sarah for having us at the MegaGear/Megatokyo booth. We always enjoy hanging out with them at conventions. Sarah had a few AG items from the store and we brought with us the new AG posters, which sold out quickly. Fred had a sneak peek of the new Miho poster which will be coming out soon.

The poster looks really sexy in person. I spent a lot of time at the booth doing free sketches for readers. Of course Eve was the most requested character. What really surprised me was when someone asked for a Frost sketch. I went through a whole sketchbook and at the end I used the cardboard cover as paper.

I would like to thank all our readers that came to the table to meet us. You guys rock. I did step away from the table to check out the convention now and then. So if you came to the table and I wasn’t there, I apologize.

The con was huge and impossible to walk through because it had so many people. I was able to meet some of the top pros, which made me very happy. I met Jim Lee, Adam Hughes and Scottie Young. Since I had my Batman bag with me, I had to have it signed by Jim Lee right?

I was able to show my portfolio to Adam Hughes. He was really impressed with my work, his only comment was that I need to make a thousand more.

We met with Tycho and Gabe at their booth. Awesome guys as always. I gave them the fanart I did and they loved it. Hehe, I think Tycho was a bit speechless. I asked Gabe to scan the art for me when he gets the chance, since I’m an idiot and forgot.

Here are some pictures from the convention.

If we have the time and money, we will definitely go back next year.

Our next convention is Otakon. I think we mentioned this before, this year Applegeeks WILL NOT be in the artist alley. This year Applegeeks will be in the DEALERS ROOM. Just like SDCC, we’ll be sharing the booth with MegaGear/ Megatokyo. We will have our new posters and we will have the new Hawk and Eve shirts.

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I’m still coloring the comic. In the mean time, here’s another hawk video. Enjoy.

July 25, 2006
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We’re back from Comic Con. And really tired … REALLY TIRED. A rant of some sort is forthcoming, but real quick I wanted to thank everyone who stopped by to see us … we were a little blown away by how many people came by!

Also, Monday comic is delayed … there’s just no way it’s going to happen this week. Sorry about that!

July 20, 2006
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We got a lot of requests for the vinyl table banner we did to be redone as a wall poster … so that’s exactly what we did. (small pic links out to bigger)

It’s width x height is 28.5″ x 11.4″. It’ll be first available at San Diego Comic Con, and then Otakon. After that, it’ll be showing up in the Megagear store alongside our other merchandise. The posters will be available at the Megatokyo table! Hope you guys like it! :) See you in San Diego!