Things have been pretty busy lately. Been getting ready for upcoming conventions this summer, coordinating with Fred and Sarah for getting merchandise to where it needs to be, and talking to a printer that Jes recommended to us (we’ll be bringing two new prints with us to the rest of the cons this year). And of course, we’re raising money for San Diego Comic-con via the auctions you’ve seen going up for the past week or two.

City Limits seems to be doing well, and we’ll be bringing that with us as well. Ah, and we’ll be selling Disposable Parts (the anthology with our comic short Seven.

Additionally, Hawk and Shannon have been talking to me, and they convinced me to sit down and seriously write and publish a novel. So that’s what I’ll be attempting to do, and I’m posting it up here knowing that a public acknowledgement of the endeavour will force my hand in completing the project. I just hope people find it to be worth buying once it’s done!

Besides that, I spent a few hours tonight watching clips of Jon Stewart and the Daily Show on Youtube. It’s people like that that make tackling any attempt at consistent strong humor seem like a daunting task. It also makes me want to leave the country for a few months … politically speaking, and speaking in terms of national and world events, there’s a lot of shit flying through the air. Hey Madsen, how’s Sweden this time of year? :) Seems like it’d be nice to get away for a bit.

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