is what we’re starting to sound like. Most of you are awesome to us – you’ve got kind words, you let us know that you feel invested in what we’re doing or you just pass through to enjoy the comic. But there’s always this minority that seems to periodically get a big mouth … chances are you’re not a part of that minority, but it doesn’t hurt to hear what we have to say. Hopefully this won’t be too long-winded.

Applegeeks isn’t our job. As much as we’d love to be making a living off of this endeavour, for the time being, that’s not the case. We’ve got day jobs, and they take priority. Sometimes we need to focus on preparing for a convention. Sometimes we just need a break. Whatever the reason, sometimes the comic gets put on hold. It sucks, but if you watch closely, 99% of the time, the missed comic is up on the next update day. The wait is 2-4 days, tops. I believe the longest we’ve ever put the comic on hiatus is one week, which hardly justifies use of the word ‘hiatus’. On top of that, we recently started Applegeeks Lite, in the hopes that increased content during the week would be well-met, and it has been – for the most part.

I know most of you don’t fall into the above category, and we’re really grateful and honored to have you guys as readers. You’ve been really good to us, and we appreciate that. The few I’m talking about, the impatient ones – unless you can pay us a year’s salary, please check yourselves at our metaphoric intarweb door. All you accomplish is to irritate us, and if anything, that slows the comic down even more.

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