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May 30, 2006
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Back from Boston … too tired to write. Sending Hawk an AG Lite script, and then it’s to bed.

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Ananth and I are back and we’re REALLY TIRED! However, we had a great time at Anime Boston. I would like the thank the con and staff for having us and I would like to thank our readers that came to see us. Thank you for coming to our table and the panel on Saturday. I hope you guys had a great time.

A HUGE THANK YOU for Mookie…for letting us crash at his place for the weekend. You’re the best.

( Aido, Ananth, Hawk, Brian, Shannon, Katy, Mookie)

Right now I need to unpack and get some rest.

May 25, 2006
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I wasn’t able to work on Thursday comic due to bunch of errands. Ananth and I have a 7am train to catch to Boston. I’m packing my laptop, ipod, psp, books, comics… it’s going to be a lonng ride.

So I’m basically running around getting everything packed and hopefully get a good night sleep.

If you’re going to Anime Boston, hope to see you at our table and during our panel on Saturday. =)

In the mean time, check out these fan videos. Thanks Scott.

May 22, 2006
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We’ll be at Anime Boston this weekend! We’ll be bringing merchandise, and we’ll be accompanied by our lovely crew – Shannonand Katy. We’ll also have copies of City Limits, which Katy, George, and all the contributors worked really hard on. :) We’ll also be doing a panel@ So come say hey and hang out! It’ll be good times. :) See you there!

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So I’m pretty much late for my own graduation, which started about 46 minutes ago. Do I care? Not really. I rather spend my 80 bucks at a nice dinner with my friends than spend it on a cap and gown that I will wear only once. If I were crazy enough, I would probably turn the cap and gown into a super hero costume. But no, I decided to stay home and relax.

There is this one thing I really don’t get, the graduation is happening today, but our semester grades are not in the school system. I keep checking for my grades but only one of the five professors turned in the grades. So if was going to my graduation thinking I’m finally done, I made it, celebrating with my family and friends. Then I get a letter in the mail instead of the diploma saying I didn’t graduated because of one class that’s not cool at all.

Yeah, you can say they have a schedule to keep with the graduation ceremonies. Bull shit. I didn’t pay them thousand of dollars to fuck with my head. Anyway, I’m pretty sure I’m done. I can put my mind at ease once I see my grades.

So, life after college?

Resume. I need update my resume and start looking. Anybody need a graphic designer illustrator?

Oh yeah, Ananth and I will be at Anime Boston this weekend. If you’re going, feel free to stop by at the table or during our panel to say hi. =)

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Congrats to my brother for graduating college – I know you have a semester left, but you’ve got it in the bag.

And Hawk … congratulations to you too man. College is no small feat. I’d say good luck in the real world, but you’ve been there a while, and you won’t be needing luck. ;)

I’m seriously hugely proud of both of you! Way to go. :)

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Done with college. more later. I need sleep.