Guest #3 – Dave Lister!

Today’s comic is from Dave Lister of Paradox Lost! Dave is a very important guy to us – he’s the one who helped us into the convention scene, and he was the one who made our first Applegeeks con experience painless and fun. We owe quite a bit to this guy, so – thanks so much Dave! And, hahaha, thanks for the great comic … this one had me in stitches as soon as I saw it. I am indeed my hat … I just happen to be possessing an Indian twentysomething at the moment.

Also, here is a sneak peek of how we go through our difficult decision-making process at Applegeeks:

AIM 11:06 PM 03.28.06

Hawk: going to put up Xero art
Ananth: oh? not dave?
Hawk: or dave
Hawk: either
Ananth: Hehe.
Ananth: Whichever!
Hawk: you’re dave, i’m xero..lets play paper rock scissors
Ananth: ….. lol
Ananth: 1
Ananth: 2
Ananth: 3
Ananth: GO!
Hawk: paper

………. a long pause …………..

Ananth: … scissors
Ananth Panagariya: … lol
Hawk: fuck you
Hawk: lol
Hawk: lol
Ananth: hahahaha
Ananth: *is about to die laughing*
Hawk: lol

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