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March 31, 2006
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So this guest comic is from our friend Jamie Noguchi of Angry Zen Master! We’ve been hanging out quite a bit with Jamie lately, and I’m sure you’ll hear more about him in the future. His blog updates are really consistent, too, so check it out!

March 30, 2006
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Xero of Konsekai: Swordwaltzer graciously created this interesting rendition of Eve based on the upcoming trip to Japan. The colors are amazing, aren’t they? Go check out this comic!

That’s all for today. I got about an hour of sleep last night, and I’m bloody tired.

March 29, 2006
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Okay guys, I’m back on the platform. Preorders for City Limits are still open! Ananth posted a rant about the book, and I’ve posted some sample art in my previous posts. There’s a lot of great work by a lot of great artists and writers, and we’re all psyched to be in the same book together.

Working on another all vector piece. Man I love illustrator.


Back to work.

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Today’s comic is from Dave Lister of Paradox Lost! Dave is a very important guy to us – he’s the one who helped us into the convention scene, and he was the one who made our first Applegeeks con experience painless and fun. We owe quite a bit to this guy, so – thanks so much Dave! And, hahaha, thanks for the great comic … this one had me in stitches as soon as I saw it. I am indeed my hat … I just happen to be possessing an Indian twentysomething at the moment.

Also, here is a sneak peek of how we go through our difficult decision-making process at Applegeeks:

AIM 11:06 PM 03.28.06

Hawk: going to put up Xero art
Ananth: oh? not dave?
Hawk: or dave
Hawk: either
Ananth: Hehe.
Ananth: Whichever!
Hawk: you’re dave, i’m xero..lets play paper rock scissors
Ananth: ….. lol
Ananth: 1
Ananth: 2
Ananth: 3
Ananth: GO!
Hawk: paper

………. a long pause …………..

Ananth: … scissors
Ananth Panagariya: … lol
Hawk: fuck you
Hawk: lol
Hawk: lol
Ananth: hahahaha
Ananth: *is about to die laughing*
Hawk: lol

March 28, 2006
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Today’s guest comic is from the talented Shannon Hommerbocker! She decided to show the other Applegeeks girls some love.
Shannon and I actually went bowling a little while ago. I’d meant to post about this earlier, but now seems like an appropriate time. We decided to go, somewhat on a whim, and on the way there I asked her,

“So … uh … have you ever bowled before?”

She batted her eyelashes at me and replied, “Oh, you know, only a few times … it’s been a while.”

Had I known then what I knew now, I would probably have replied with something along the lines of “WHY MUST YOU TURN THIS PLACE INTO A HOUSE OF LIES

Yeah, turns out she grew up bowling with her mom. In leagues. Long story short, I got my ass handed to me. It was fucking hilarious. And I have some photos that hopefully will amuse you.

I should have known something was up when she had her own pair of bowling shoes in the car. Mine are rentals.

Shannon gives me her game face. Yeah, I should have seen the signs. THE SIGNS OF AN ASSWHUPPING

So let’s do a little comparison … here’s me …

And here’s Shannon …


So yeah … that’s that.

I’ve actually come to be fascinated by bowling since then … next time I’ll talk about bowling and old people. It’ll be interesting, I swear.

March 27, 2006
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Ananth and I decided to do a guest strip/art this whole week. Which means there will be a new comic strip or art everyday. We’re taking care of some things on our end, spending some time planning the future of AG, and we wanted to give our friends a chance to take a crack at our work. Also I got a lot of work on my plate that I need to clear off.

I have spent most of Saturday helping Katy put the rest of the City Limits book together. She did a wonderful job and I can’t wait to see the book printed. If you still can’t decide if you should preorder the book, maybe this will change your mind.

Sex sells right?

Raise your hand if you use iChat? Ok, raise your hand if you like tabs too? Well then, you will like the latest update for Chax. Chax is a collection of modification and additions for Apple’s iChat. Now you can have just ONE ichat window with multiple tabs instead of zillions of AIM windows all over your desktop. So no more “Oh baby, you’re so hot!” messages to your grandma by mistake.

That’s it for now. Mmm vector art.

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So we’re having guest week at Applegeeks. We just wrapped up production work on Disconnect, so we’re going to spend this week metaphorically cleaning things up a bit. Hawk and I have some Applegeeks things to take care of, including mapping out the next big story arc and talking about the always-crazy future of Applegeeks. :) Hawk’s school also starts back up this week, and I’ve got some mundane life tasks that I’ve been putting off in favor of working on the City Limits book, among other things. So guest week gets us some time to catch up, basically. What does guest week get you, though? We’ll be posting new art or a new comic from a different artist every day this week, so keep an eye out!

Today’s comic is from the Master of Vikings and God of all things Metal himself, Mookie! Mookie authors an amazing story called Dominic Deegan, and when I realized we were going to do a guest week, Mookie was one of the first people I called. Today’s guest strip features Evil Mookie, whom Hawk has also illustrated over at Hawkstudios in the past. Evil Mookie is also a past Halloween costume of Mookie’s, but we’ll let him fill you guys in on that. ;) ROCK AND ROLL, MOOKIE! *throws up the horns*

I spoke about the City Limits book at length last week. Hawk also posted some preview art. It’s still available for preorder, of course! Sample pages are also viewable!

We’ll be posting a new strip and new rants every day this week, so we’ll see you tomorrow!