Lot of things today! First,

Applegeeks got a small mention in Monday’s edition of Newsweek. The context makes it look like I’m the only one on this little project, which I’m not terribly pleased about, but hey – it’s Newsweek, and that is kinda cool.

Congrats to Fred over at Megatokyo! He’s just signed with DC. You can read all about it in his newest rant.

I spent a lot of the weekend working on scripts for the City Limits book. Hopefully I can scrape something out of the empty steel drum that’s been my brain lately. If you take a look at Hawk’s rant, you’ll see the sexy cover he’s whipped up for said book. The interior of the book will be black and white, and when I get a list of the contributor’s involved I’ll be sure to post it – it’s a very talented pool of individuals. We’re all pretty excited. Hawk’s art I’m sure will be awesome (as per usual), but I hope I can write a script good enough to match.

The rest of this rant is more for your amusement than anything else – video links follow:

Lil’ Jon and some people remix London Bridges Falling Down (possibly NSFW, although cursing is bleeped out)

A fan film about DC’s Powergirl … pretty nicely done, and the girl is a hottie

Autistic kid gets put into game, scores 4543535 3-pointers in last 5 minutes This is AMAZING.

Dr. Tran … he’s a REAL doctor – a lot of you have probably seen this before, but no harm in sharing the love. Quite possibly NSFW.

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