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February 28, 2006
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Ok, I’m pretty sure you’re getting tired of hearing about this, but this is worth pointing out.

On Monday, I posted a video that showed an unknown individual creating a fake all-screen video ipod using Photoshop. I got a few e-mails pointing me to the G4TV site, which they claim they made the video.

Now, I’m getting e-mails from readers telling me that the G4TV video and how they created the fake ipod doesn’t match up with the original video that has been floating around.

A reader, Harrion Krix, created an entry on his Livejournal about this. He also posted side by side photos comparing the two videos and pointing out the small discrepancies.

Is G4TV claiming something that they shouldn’t be? You be the judge.

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Argh, ok now I’m getting emails from readers telling me G4TV might be telling a lie.

Hehe screw it, Apple will make the big announcement today.

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Yesterday I posted this this video. The video was telling everyone this picture of the new video ipod was fake. Well, the joke goes even further. The video is fake as well and it was made by the people over at G4TV. Even though I hate G4TV, I give them points for making the video and fooling a lot of people. Thanks for the link Renard.

Make sure you check out the Apple site later today to find out Steve Job’s big announcement. As for me, I should study for my afternoon mid-term.

February 27, 2006
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Lot of things today! First,

Applegeeks got a small mention in Monday’s edition of Newsweek. The context makes it look like I’m the only one on this little project, which I’m not terribly pleased about, but hey – it’s Newsweek, and that is kinda cool.

Congrats to Fred over at Megatokyo! He’s just signed with DC. You can read all about it in his newest rant.

I spent a lot of the weekend working on scripts for the City Limits book. Hopefully I can scrape something out of the empty steel drum that’s been my brain lately. If you take a look at Hawk’s rant, you’ll see the sexy cover he’s whipped up for said book. The interior of the book will be black and white, and when I get a list of the contributor’s involved I’ll be sure to post it – it’s a very talented pool of individuals. We’re all pretty excited. Hawk’s art I’m sure will be awesome (as per usual), but I hope I can write a script good enough to match.

The rest of this rant is more for your amusement than anything else – video links follow:

Lil’ Jon and some people remix London Bridges Falling Down (possibly NSFW, although cursing is bleeped out)

A fan film about DC’s Powergirl … pretty nicely done, and the girl is a hottie

Autistic kid gets put into game, scores 4543535 3-pointers in last 5 minutes This is AMAZING.

Dr. Tran … he’s a REAL doctor – a lot of you have probably seen this before, but no harm in sharing the love. Quite possibly NSFW.

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The comic is up and on time.

I’m pretty sure a lot of you heard the rumor of the new ipod video touch screen.

Well, here is a video that shows it does exist!

In other news, Ananth mentioned we were working on another short story comic for Blue Day Media. Check out the site for more info. And here’s the cover I made for the book…

I love Photoshop.

February 25, 2006
Posted @ 10:10 PM by Ananth in Rant | Comments Off on Busy weekend

So I’ve spent most of this weekend working on a project for Blue Day Media. Without saying too much, it’s a comics anthology with a unifying theme. I’m working on two scripts this time around – one to be illustrated by Hawk, and the other to be illustrated by Shannon.

The deadline is fast approaching, so I even cancelled a trip out of town this weekend in order to finish.

I went ice-skating with Shannon. I haven’t been ice-skating in a few years now … this is mostly due to fake-trauma inflicted upon me when I was younger. Growing up, my parents – as many loving parents do – decided that signing me up for various sports was important. Soccer, softball, kickball, swimming, tennis, ice-skating, and more. Swimming and ice-skating lessons were when my brother and I were especially young … and at an ungodly hour of the morning. We used to hate it. So this weekend, when I stepped out onto the ice (somewhat reluctantly), I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I enjoy skidding around on the ice. We won’t go so far as to say that I was graceful, or even competent at ice-skating, but I was able to skate up and down the rink with (relative) ease. Shannon, on the other hand, picked up all her old skills in approximately 0.545645 seconds. Needless to say, she quite literally skated circles around me.

Also, girls have a lot more choice in terms of clothes than guys do. And guys’ clothes are more expensive? What’s up with that?

February 24, 2006
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Happy Birthday yo

Have a good 24th :)