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October 31, 2005
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Have fun…

Check out our Frappr!

Also today is the last day to bid on the auction above.

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Happy Halloween!

Some awesome readers e-mailed us with pumpkins they’d carved. From top to bottom:

1. John and Josh sent us this picture of the kickass jack o’ lanterns they made for Halloween. Makes me want to carve a few myself …
2. This comes from a reader who found this design through my constant Threadless linking. Not AG-related at all, but I thought it was sweet. Thanks Ben!
3. Larom, also known as Blue Monkey over at Comedity, sent us this decidedly wild carving! I really like how there’s places where the pumpkin is thin enough that you catch the glow of light from behind (particularly in the eyes).

October 30, 2005
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Happy Halloween everyone. You get the comic a day early. This what happens when Ananth lets me do a filler comic. >.>

I need to work on my school project and study for an exam.

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Bartlesville 8th Grader’s Duct Tape Batman Costume

Now, this is kind of totally sweet.


How the hell is this important enough to be in the news … ?

(but it’s totally sweet)

October 29, 2005
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Issue 223 is finally colored, sorry it took so long. If you don’t see it, clear your browser cache.

In other news… U.K. Squirrels Are Nuts About Crack.

“Squirrels in Brixton, South London, have been observed behaving bizarrely – and authorities there believe it may be because they’re hooked on crack cocaine hidden by addicts, according to the London Sun.”

Thanks Mira for the link.

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Happy birthday kid! ^_^

October 28, 2005
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AIM with Ananth

Ananth: ohhhh
Ananth: hey, i need some advice
Hawk: ok
Hawk: you suck
Ananth: hahahaha
Ananth: i didn’t even ask yet!!