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September 30, 2005
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Threadless, that t-shirt site that I keep bringing up, is having a sale! Their shirts are normally $15, but right now they are all going for $10!

And they reprinted the Motovino shirt … been wantin’ that one for a while.

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I know I just posted about this a few days ago, but Mr. Carroll just put up the last installment of Genrezvous Point. Go check it out!

Also, the new Penny arcade features Gabe and Annarchy, and also features humor.

Ian’s logic thread in Mac Hall reads pretty accurately; I’m fairly certain he followed a similar train of deduction during the Connecticon Apples to Apples games.

Shortpacked! is extra goofy today …

More substantial posts to come later in the day, I suspect …

September 29, 2005
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I’m catching up with the comics, I just finished coloring Issue 215. Now I can get back to Issue 216. If you still see the black/white comic of Issue 215, clear your browser cache.

I decided to teach myself how to use clay and create some sculptures. Here is my first sculpture.

Yup, it’s the Fruit F*cker from Penny Arcade. :D

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Favor for a friend: At Otakon 2005, someone was cosplaying as the main character from the game Red Ninja, Kurenai. If anyone has pictures of her, or knows where pictures of her are posted, please drop me a line and let me know. Thanks in advance!

September 27, 2005
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I just finished my last exam..for now. I will get back to the comics soon.

As for the news about Venom being the villian in Spider-Man 3, I really hope they stay true to the character and not make him into a Power Ranger monster (Green Goblin from Spider-Man 1)


Topher Grace is Venom??? Topher Grace is that skinny dude from “That 70’s show”….skinny….SKINNY.. how the hell does that work?

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Alright, a few things for today. First, Disposable Parts! As Josh Mirman informed me, the book’s been discounted. Additionally, he tells me that a portion of the proceeds will go towards Hurricane Katrina relief.

Second, I’d like to take a moment to direct you to the relaunch of Brian Carroll’s Instant Classic site! He’s got a new web address, the front end has had some tweaks (many of the changes were largely to the back end), and there is some new, film-related content coming. Just a heads up – update your bookmarks, guys and gals!

I’m going to talk for a moment about Brian Carroll. This is a guy who aspires to be a storyteller before he is a visual artist or anything else. It’s obvious as soon as you load up the page – rather than one long comic strip, like Applegeeks or your run of the mill webcomic, his site is a collection of smaller, contained stories. He’s taken his love of film and turned his site into an exploration of it’s various concepts and themes. His comics are funny and entertaining, of course, but I really like knowing that he’s thinking hard behind the scenes as well. And of course, aspiring to be some sort of storyteller myself, I’ve got to admire the collection of work that he’s created thus far. For those of you who are regular readers of Instant Classic, there are some big things in store for the next part of Brothers Donathan. I’m fucking excited.

Also! A couple of news items about Katie Bair, the prolific and talented artist who had a wildly popular run on Ninja High School. First, she’s got a book coming out called Oasis Destiny, and it’s available for preorders! Secondly, she and Jodon Bellofatto are working on a project called Aesircorp, and I’m watching this one with great interest. Also, there is no L in her last name. PLEASE MAKE A NOTE OF IT.

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According to this, Venom is one of the confirmed villains for Spiderman 3. Sandman is also slated to appear, and that’s cool, but … VENOM. VENOOOOOM.

That just made my whole freakin’ week. There is a little Venom in my head, and he is already wreaking havoc on an unsuspecting city.