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June 30, 2005
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8:07 am – Just a remainder, the original sketch for Issue 200 will go up on eBay tomorrow. You will have a whole week to bid on it. All the money that we get from these sketches will be used to get a new tablet.

Time for me to go to work.


I wish I had the time to color this on time. sigh. I figure it’s better to have something up than nothing at all. The color version will be up when I get the chance to finish it.

Next week will be brutal for me. Tuesday to Thursday…exam exam exam.

I better get some sleep.

June 27, 2005
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Tiiiired … will post about Portcon some time this week. Was good times.

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I really don’t like how I drew this issue. I haven’t been myself lately, a lot on my mind. I guess it doesn’t matter since it’s more dialog based than art.

If you missed it, I uploaded the color version of issue 202 over the weekend. Oh yeah, in Issue 202, Jayce is wearing a Tic Tac Toe shirt that says “Old School Gamer”…if you were wondering.

I also started to work on “Applegeeks: Behind the Screen”. A page that explains how we make our comics from start to finish.

June 24, 2005
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The color version of Issue 202 will be late. I’m trying to make a “The Making of Applegeeks Comic” page with the current comic. So I’m taking screenshots while I work.

Right now, I need sleep.

June 23, 2005
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I’m posting the comic very early and in sketch form. I’ll post the color version sometime Friday. Right now I need to study and finish my school project.

June 22, 2005
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So there’s a 50/50 chance the comic will be up tomorrow (Thursday), I have a project and homework due tomorrow. Wow, homeowork and school projects during the summer, man do I suck.

Ananth mentioned that he’s going to PortCon this weekend. Sadly I’m not going. However, I’ll be at ConnectiCon next month. I have been told I’ll be auctioned off or something at the con…scary. So remember to bring your pennies.

June 20, 2005
Posted @ 11:56 PM by Ananth in Rant | Comments Off on More Lost! Because I would marry that show if I could.

Archer passed on a couple of links to me –

Driveshaft Official Site – Charlie’s band’s official website

Numbers – A site that attempts to documents every instance of the mysterious number sequence throughout the series.

That second one is crazy meticulous – props to whoever put it together, although it must have taken waaaay too long.